5 Fun Math Games For Kids

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Engage kids in math lessons through exciting games! Play them in class or at home to help build basic skills while having fun! An exceptionally fantastic fact about LOLBeans.

Use this simple but engaging addition game to get students moving around their classroom and moving. For example, have them walk around the school counting doors, posters, and windows.

Jumping Math

Math lessons should be fun! Research shows that children learn best when engaged in active learning experiences that allow them to explore concepts at their own pace.

The Jump Method is an effective strategy to help learners recognize differences between numbers, addition, and subtraction. To use it effectively, divide sums into tens and units before moving them on their respective number lines to jump to where each part should land on them.

To play, two turners (one on either end of a long double Dutch rope) call out actions for jumpers to perform while traversing through the middle. Any time there’s an error made during their jumping, they are eliminated from play, and no further attempts are allowed.

Hot Potato

Hot Potato is an iconic game with many applications to improve math skills. For example, it can help develop counting by 2s, 5s, and 10s while children pass around a potato or ball from player to player; anyone dropping one is out.

Use the game to practice reading and literacy – have students read a sentence or paragraph aloud before beginning play – and develop cognitive skills by including problem-solving or critical thinking challenges in your play session.

Around the Block


Looking for ways to engage students in mathematics class? Try playing this dice game as an exciting way of teaching place value! Roll two dice, count their results, and assign multiplication or addition problems according to which numbers were shown.

This game can help your students practice many skills, particularly order of operations. First, gather students in a circle, giving one student the ball. Then, on your signal, they must answer one of the questions from your list before passing it along to someone else.

Snakes and Ladders

Snakes and Ladders is an international classic that allows students to practice counting numbers and learn their names from 1 through 100.

Players utilize dice to move their tokens around the board. If their token lands on either of two ladder ends, they “climb” up until reaching its higher-numbered square; or if it lands on an underworld snake, they slide down until reaching their intended space below it.

The first player to reach the 100th square on a board wins; typically, this space is numbered 100 on most boards. Initially, this game was meant to teach children morality by helping them identify whether their leaning was more toward heaven or hell.

Number Bonds

One of the critical skills for children to master is understanding number bonds – part-part-whole relationships between numbers – as this will assist with mental calculations and all forms of analyses.

An elementary-aged child would understand that adding two and three together make five, so to subtract a more significant number, they need to “work it out.”

An effective way to supplement student learning is through simple worksheets and games, like this selection of number bond activities. An entertaining robot video is also perfect for sharing with students.

Number Line

This engaging math game allows children to practice addition and multiplication while remaining physically active. Divide them into teams and give each of them a grid of multiplication or addition facts; let them compete to fill all their spaces first – the group that finishes first wins!

A number line is a line that plots numbers at equal intervals and can be used to compare numbers, perform arithmetic operations, and solve word problems. For example, add two positive numbers together on a number line by placing one on it and then moving it right, while subtracting positive numbers involves placing another one there and moving leftward.

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