Accommodations That a Bank Might Float a Loan For


Accommodations that a bank may offer when considering loan applications for NYT Crossword Clue 10 August 2023.

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Accommodations for Physical Disabilities

Physical disabilities may limit mobility or endurance. This could be temporary due to injury to the foot or arm or permanent, such as spinal cord injury or paralysis. Classroom accommodations for students with mobility impairments could include priority registration, note takers, accessible classroom/location/furniture arrangements, alternative ways of completing assignments, and lab or library assistants, as well as adaptive computer technology.

Some workplace accommodations for people with physical disabilities may be no- or low-cost (e.g., color-coded filing systems). Other accommodations may involve technology ranging from an elastic band that helps someone hold a pen or pencil without straining muscles to “high-tech” equipment that operates via head or mouth movements for those without hands.

Accommodations for Mental Disabilities

People living with mental disabilities such as anxiety disorder, attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADD), depression, or bipolar disorder may require workplace accommodations to enable their employment. Changes that allow a person with a disability to enjoy equal employment opportunities without creating undue hardship for employers are considered accommodations. Accommodations may help those living with mental illnesses perform their work more successfully and may include taking frequent breaks to cope with medication side effects, designing flexible schedules to allow time for doctor’s appointments and medication, creating a more peaceful working environment by using white noise earphones or extra frequent breaks or working from home part or full time as long as it does not interfere with core functions of their jobs.

An individual with a mental illness who needs workplace accommodation should discuss it with their employer and provide documentation from a healthcare provider to substantiate the request. While this information should remain private, employers may need to disclose it for emergencies or when performing performance reviews under ADA compliance laws if an employee’s performance falls below standards or when conducting audits related to compliance investigations.

Workers with physical disabilities usually find it straightforward to secure reasonable accommodations; however, those living with psychiatric disorders are often met with difficulty due to the stigma surrounding their illness. While physical disability symptoms are readily visible to others, those related to a psychiatric issue can often remain hidden; symptoms include depression, which leads an individual to withdraw from friends and lose interest in activities they usually enjoy; irritability, which makes concentration hard work; as well as active or passive suicidal thoughts.

Job Accommodation Network, a federally funded free service, can assist those requiring accommodations due to psychiatric illness. Their counselors offer advice regarding workplace accommodations, the ADA, and self-employment/entrepreneurship options, as well as providing online guides about accommodations for various conditions.