Best Personal Loan Apps Without Salary Slip


There are various personal loan apps that provide instantaneous loan approvals with paperless processes and flexible repayment plans.

PaySense is one of India’s premier instant loan apps, enabling both salaried and self-employed individuals to meet emergency cash needs with loans up to Rs 5 lakhs.

1. Nira

Personal loans without salary slips are instant loan apps designed to meet the needs of self-employed individuals, freelancers, and others with non-salaried income sources. Lenders provide such loans based on factors like credit score, income tax returns, and proof of income – having good credit makes borrowers attractive prospects to lending companies.

People today often prefer applying for loans online because it allows them to avoid the hassle of visiting a lender’s office and waiting for their application to be processed and approved. Instant loan apps in India enable borrowers to submit required documents instantly, with funds disbursed immediately into their bank accounts. Some lenders even provide the option for early repayment and thus reduce interest costs long-term.

Kissht is one of the leading loan apps offering personal loans to borrowers without salary slips. They provide users with a QR-based revolving line of credit, which they can avail of up to Rs 2 lakh with an instant approval process that disburses loan amounts within 5 minutes; additionally, they have a flexible repayment schedule and no prepayment charges applied when repaying loans early.

Home Credit is another instant loan app that enables borrowers to secure loans up to Rs 2 lakh without needing a salary slip or bank statement as collateral. Registration with this lender is straightforward, while an automated credit score verification service checks borrowers automatically. Home Credit also offers other financial products, including microloans for low-income households.

2. Kissht

Kissht is a lending app that makes instant credit available from any mobile device in minutes and quickly. Their application process is fast and streamlined – you can complete it from any internet-connected location. Furthermore, there are resources on their website to assist you on your journey to financial independence.

Kissht offers more than just its loan app to meet your financial needs. Their market product was created specifically to address short-term expenses of both students and employees alike; you can use it for purchases such as electronics, groceries, and clothing purchases utilizing this application.

The market app utilizes cutting-edge security measures to safeguard both your personal information and your money. Its high-level encryption helps ensure no unapproved parties can gain access to any financial details and protects against identity theft. The pocket app is available in both English and Hindi for Apple and Android devices.

CASHe is another personal loan app offering instant loans to those in need. Users must submit documents such as Aadhar cards and PAN cards for review before being approved for credit lines. In addition, this platform partners with online retailers for buy now, pay later plans.

CASHe app is one of the best ways for those in need of fast loans to cover an unexpected expense quickly and conveniently. The app’s user-friendly design and competitive interest rates make repayment easy; payment options such as Google Pay and BHIM make payments even more straightforward, while automatic debits make repayment even simpler.

3. Smart Coin

Loan apps offer an alternative solution to traditional banks that take longer to approve loans and money lenders that impose questionable terms: small amounts can be borrowed instantaneously, and policies are apparent, which makes these loan apps safer than their bank-lending counterparts and cash can arrive directly in your account within an hour, making the application process quicker than waiting for bank approval or visiting money lending offices.

Bright Coin is one of the leading consumer lending apps in India and provides instant cash loans to salaried employees and self-employed individuals with monthly salaries of Rs10,000 or above. The app uses machine learning technology to process information and determine eligibility within seconds; applicants fill out a brief questionnaire while all documents are provided digitally.

Once approved, funds are disbursed quickly to a borrower’s bank account, making repayment easier and avoiding late fees and interest charges by repaying on time. Furthermore, our company offers various payment plans, including cash payments and EMIs, explicitly tailored to each borrower’s financial circumstances.

The market is an instant loan app offering personal loans to students and salaried employees with salaries over Rs10,000. Its fast and simple application process is supported by customer support experts who help applicants navigate it with ease. Furthermore, unlike other loan apps, the market does not require collateral; instead, loans are approved based on income alone – making this an attractive solution for anyone needing quick cash. With its flexible repayment terms and competitive interest rates, it makes pocket an excellent option.

4. Flex Salary

FlexSalary is one of the leading instant personal loan apps in India that provides loans without salary slips. This lender employs a machine learning-based credit decision model to determine loan eligibility and provides up to Rs 2 lakhs of unsecured personal lines of credit against monthly salary through partnerships with employers. FlexSalary serves as a digital platform where employees can access their credit line anytime via their employer’s app.

An EMI calculator allows applicants to calculate how much they will owe monthly throughout a loan, helping them assess if there will be enough left after mandatory expenses to make repayments on time every month. If not, lifestyle or budget adjustments might need to be made in order to save enough for payments each month.

FlexSalary personal loans can help cover any expense from medical emergencies to home renovation or car purchases, making the application process entirely online and requiring only a valid email address, PAN card number, bank statement from the last six months, and photo of an individual with ID document as requirements for approval.

This lender also offers a mobile scanning feature that enables customers to upload documents using their phone cameras for faster approval without delays or inconveniences in the approval process. Furthermore, they offer competitive interest rates and flexible repayment tenure with zero charges for prepaying loans, prepayment if desired; all this is from an NBFC approved by RBI.

5. MoneyTap

MoneyTap is one of the best instant loan apps in India that does not require salary slips for approval. Partnered with top banks, this online personal loan provider provides personal loans up to Rs 5 lakhs through an effortless paperless process with quick approval times (typically four to five minutes) and flexible repayment tenures suited for professionals, self-employed people, students, etc.

Bengaluru-based fintech startup launched with the goal of alleviating middle-class Indians’ credit sourcing problems. They created an app-based credit line lender that combined features from both personal loans and credit cards into one package: eligibility evaluation followed by sharing of an approved limit that can be drawn upon at any point, with interest charged only on what was taken out at any one time.

Instead of the long process and paperwork necessary for traditional banks to approve personal loans, this app makes borrowing fast and simple with just one tap to your approved credit limit. Borrow as little or as much as desired; only pay interest on what you borrow! Furthermore, its built-in budgeting tool makes managing finances and tracking spending much simpler.

Are You A Student Or Salaried Professional Needing Emergency Financial Relief Instantly? This app is available on the Play Store for free and requires just basic details to get started. After providing those details, eligibility can be checked within two minutes and then disbursed directly into your bank account or repaid over 36 installments.