Biria Bikes For Sale


Biria Bikes brings European-inspired craftsmanship and flair to casual cyclists. Their extensive range of e-bikes for both newcomers and experienced riders offers something suitable for every rider, while their low step frames allow users to mount the bike by lifting their legs no more than six inches.

These class 2 e-bikes boast efficient motor power and long-lasting batteries and come with a comprehensive warranty coverage plan.

Biria City Bike 7-Speed

The Biria City Bike 7-Speed is an efficient bike that comes in five colors. It features a low step-through design that makes riding simple for anyone, as well as balloon tires with rounded contact surfaces, to absorb vibrations for reduced impact on back and lumbar areas, plus Shimano derailleur to provide smooth shifting – perfect for those with bad knees who wish to become more active while improving their health!

This electric bike features a lightweight frame and high-efficiency motor, enabling it to easily climb hills and cover up to 20 miles on a single charge. The battery is located within its rear hub to maintain a low center of gravity for improved stability; the 7-speed drivetrain allows larger riders to accommodate larger wheels easily; the seat is adjustable, while ergonomic handlebars ensure comfort for a more excellent riding experience.

No experience necessary! For those new to owning an e-bike, this one is easy to operate. All controls are conveniently placed on the right handlebar for quick adjustments based on personal preference. The pedal assist works silently while you have complete control of how much power goes to the motor. Plus, this bike comes complete with a chain guard and fender protection to shield against road debris!

Biria offers several models of electric bicycles, including three folding and two hybrid hybrid e-bikes. Color options for their bikes can be selected while their motor and battery can be found on the back of each bicycle for convenience and reliability, with an aim to offer reliable yet cost-effective e-bike solutions to their clients.

Biria e-bikes are an affordable solution for commuters looking for efficient transport to work. Lightweight, long battery life, and capable of reaching 20 mph at full assistance; plus, their motors are quiet and efficient! Plus, they feature lightweight aluminum frames, which keep these lightweight yet sturdy machines strong yet lightweight!

Biria Easy Boarding Bike

Biria bicycles are known for incorporating European craftsmanship and flair into American cycling culture, making their bikes popular with casual cyclists seeking to turn commuting into an enjoyable experience. Biria also keeps up with the growing trend of electric bikes in North America by offering city e-bikes, folding bicycles, hybrid bikes, and mixed city e-bikes explicitly designed for everyday use – some models feature rear-mounted motors while others have front wheel drives, offering up to 20-mile rides on a single charge and being accessible for people of all ages to use!

Biria’s most popular model is the Electric Easy Boarding, a step-through bike designed with an ultra-low frame to make getting on and off easier. Its durable aluminum tubing adds toughness and elegance that sets Biria apart, with only 6″ from ground-level top tube placement (an improvement over other step-through bikes on the market). Plus, this model includes an electric motor for pedal assist mode as well as a throttle on demand!

Biria’s city e-bikes fall under Class 2, meaning they offer maximum assisted speeds of 20 mph. Their efficient, quiet motors run for miles without overheating or making too much noise, providing up to 55 miles of assistance per charge, making these bikes perfect for daily errands as they are suitable for people of all ages who can’t exert themselves too much or don’t wish to exert themselves too much physically.

The Biria Electric Step-Through Folding is designed to look like any regular bicycle while concealing its Lithium-ion battery within its sleek frame. This model can seat two riders comfortably and features a 500-watt motor; 36V 12.8 amp LG batteries can last for 40 miles per charge, while mechanical disc brakes and fat tires allow it to tackle almost any terrain. In addition, you’ll get a kickstand and fenders, plus rack mounting capabilities if additional storage space is desired.

Biria Bikes for Sale

Biria Bikes for Sale offers high-quality European-inspired bikes explicitly designed to appeal to casual cyclists. Since 2002, this US-based company has built upon bringing elegance and quality into everyday riding experience via its innovative practices – the brand is well known in urban cycling circles for producing bikes explicitly designed for urban cycling purposes while keeping up with rising e-bike trends for commuters by offering city bikes equipped with electric motors.

These Class 2 bikes feature light aluminum alloy frames with long-life batteries from LG or Panasonic that support rides of up to 30 miles and motors designed to run quietly so as not to disrupt your experience.

Biria e-bikes feature low step-through frames with easy mounting for riders of all ages and sizes to use them. Their low step-through frame design enables their bikes to be enjoyed by riders of all sizes while their patented suspension system ensures a comfortable ride. Engineered and manufactured in the US with electrical components sourced from partner factories worldwide, Rutherford, New Jersey-based Biria sells their products around the globe.

Biria offers an expansive selection of bicycles for every rider to enjoy, including hybrid electric bikes and electric step-through bikes. Their affordable e-bikes are built for city roads as well as off-road trails, offering a comfortable riding experience while remaining lightweight enough to transport users easily around town. Biria provides bicycle rentals to anyone searching for an alternative mode of transport around town.

Biria Bikes for Sale can be found online and at various bike shops throughout the country. In addition to bikes for sale, customers can also purchase accessories for their bikes on Biria’s website, such as bags and baskets. Biria also provides two-year warranties on its products, so if customers are dissatisfied, they may return them within 30 days for either a refund or exchange.

Biria Bikes Near Me

Biria is an American bicycle brand that merges European design with the practicalities of an electric bike. Their lightweight yet powerful bikes are great for urban riding and running errands in cities, while their front hub motor makes for additional stability and comfort. Their models have a 20-40 mile range per charge, as well as suspension forks and Tektro hydraulic disc brakes to complete their package.

Biria City e-bikes differ from many American brands in that they do not contain high-end components and features, focusing instead on what matters most: providing an outstanding riding experience for their riders. Biria has been creating durable bikes inspired by European designs for more than 100 years. They also have industry-leading warranties as well as stateside customer support to back up their products!

Biria Bicycle Company’s Easy Boarding frame was created to remove the top crossbar of traditional bicycles, enabling people with limited mobility to mount it comfortably and with ease. According to Kevin Watkins of Southsea Cycles (a dealer for Biria), many of their bikes sold there are used by riders with MS or those undergoing hip replacement surgeries; Biria’s e-bikes have also become very popular among commuters as an extra boost when cycling into work or back home again.

Biria’s e-bikes feature lightweight components and powerful motors to climb hills efficiently. In addition, their low step and step-through frames make them suitable for cyclists of all ages, heights, and skill levels; many customers have been impressed with their quiet operation on city streets.

Biria’s bikes fall into the category of Class 2 electric bicycles, meaning that they can reach 20 mph with pedal assist mode and throttle on demand, as well as charge in two to six hours with their Lithium-ion batteries. Perfect for short commutes yet still offering benefits of healthy living and reduced pollution levels!