Choosing Your Ring Ceremony Couple Dress


Ring ceremonies are an essential pre-wedding tradition, where both families of bride and groom formally agree to their marriage. Additionally, the couple officially declares their commitment to one another before family and friends present at this ceremony.

Tarun Tahiliani’s draped sherwanis or kurtas with French cuffs make stylish choices for grooms-to-be.


When selecting your ring ceremony couple dress, be sure to choose something that achieves the best look possible. Take your time when shopping and try on different designs until something catches your eye; online and fashion magazines offer additional inspiration.

Dress for your ring ceremony without overdoing it, but don’t go too casual either. If you’re getting married on the beach, for instance, select a light and airy gown that’ll move beautifully with the breeze – pick a color that compliments both you and your partner, and don’t forget a stole or shawl to complete your look.

At one time, couples would wear traditional attire like sarees and sherwanis to their engagement ceremonies in India. Now, as modernity and Western culture become more pervasive there, more modern clothing options, such as hybrids of Indian and Western styles for brides or traditional gowns for grooms, can be seen at engagement ceremonies.

For an elegant, designer look on your special day, try wearing a designer bandhgala or sherwani with pinstripes. These elegant attire pieces can help men look sophisticated while staying within budget – not to mention there are many colors to choose from, so you’re bound to find one that matches your mood perfectly!

Draped sherwanis have become a fashion must-have at fashion shows. These sherwanis can be worn over one shoulder, making a dramatic statement when combined with a kurta. With so many colors to choose from, these sherwanis can even be customized further using Kashmiri shawls or Kantha stoles as accessories!

Keep comfort at the forefront when planning a ring ceremony. Since you will likely spend most of the time standing and talking to your partner, ensuring a dress that fits well and is comfortable is of utmost importance – tight-fitting dresses or those that make you uncomfortable could lead to further discomfort during this momentous occasion.


No matter if your ring bearer is an infant or toddler, comfort should always come first. An itchy or tight outfit will result in a cranky child who doesn’t want to participate, while there are plenty of stylish yet comfy options out there that don’t compromise style – like this shortalls set from Nautica with bowties and shorts that still look formal while being soft enough for hot summer weddings.

As well as inviting active family members who cannot attend your temple sealing, incorporating non-member or inactive family members is also an excellent way to include all your loved ones who couldn’t participate in your temple sealing.

Styling or Accessorising

The ring ceremony is an essential event in couples’ lives and should be celebrated accordingly. Wearing something comfortable and confident for this special event is critical. With many styles to choose from, make sure it suits both your body type and personal style; don’t be afraid to venture outside your comfort zone and experiment!

Color of Dress When it comes to choosing the appropriate ring ceremony dress, color should always be an essential factor. Although certain hues look great on everyone, others do not suit everyone as easily; bright pinks and reds may be too intense for certain skin tones, while rust hues work better against dusky women. When shopping for one that works well with your complexion is essential.

Many couples opt to have their ring bearer match their groomsmen when it comes to attire. This helps the child feel included and comfortable in front of the camera and also ensures that photos will look coordinated.

Boys will look their best in a classic black suit. It’s not too formal but still fashionable. You can pair this ensemble with a matching shirt and tie to complete the look. Or, for something more relaxed, try Janie & Jack sets that include a vest, jacket, and bow tie along with pants – it will provide just as many looks!

Alternatively, for something more formal, you could opt for a gown saree or even a mermaid cut lehenga, which will also look beautiful on camera.

When selecting shoes for your engagement session, remember that longer is usually more masculine. To complete your look, try finding brown leather dress shoes that complement your gown.