Commercial Real Estate and Social Media


Real estate businesses can utilize social media for various reasons. From promoting new listings to sharing renovation advice, commercial realtors need to consistently produce engaging content on social media to remain competitive in the industry. Obtain the Best information about marketing for real estate agents.

LinkedIn provides CRE professionals with an ideal platform for building thought leadership portfolios and generating leads through both content creation and advertising. Now is the time to increase social presence!


LinkedIn is the world’s premier business social media platform, so a real estate agency should establish a presence there to reach a professional target audience. CRE agents should utilize LinkedIn Lead Gen forms as an effective way of gathering leads.

Another essential component is showcasing the firm’s involvement with local communities. From charity work and urban development projects to outreach programs that reinforce CSR commitment, showing involvement demonstrates dedication and resonates well with clients and investors who value such activities.

Content creation is another excellent way to showcase expertise within the commercial real estate industry. This could involve sharing industry articles that showcase current real estate news and trends through your LinkedIn profile or even adding your input on CRE blogs or discussion threads on LinkedIn Pulse.

Instagram provides CRE firms and brokers with an ideal platform for sharing images and videos of properties and projects. The Stories feature helps to maximize exposure as these posts appear at the top of users’ feeds. Furthermore, Reels allow for an immersive video experience, while Guides highlight specific types of properties or markets.


Instagram provides commercial real estate professionals with an opportunity to showcase properties visually through photos and videos while communicating with potential clients through messaging features.

Integrating social media marketing into real estate strategy is increasingly crucial due to evolving consumer expectations. Consumers now expect brands to form meaningful relationships with them through content that speaks directly to their needs.

Millennials, in particular, have particular expectations when it comes to the workplace; they need amenities that help them achieve their goals and ambitions while at work, as well as a sense of community, flexibility, and collaboration in their workplace environment. Showcasing this unique selling point through targeted social media content could help a CRE firm attract younger clients while expanding its business.

KW Commercial has collaborated with numerous CRE companies to craft and implement successful and scalable social media strategies. Our holistic approach takes into account both client needs and industry requirements when selecting platforms and using best practices to develop engaging campaigns that foster engagement and, ultimately, growth.


CRE brokers and their clients find social media an invaluable way to showcase properties, engage with prospects, and increase brand recognition. But creating an effective strategy takes time, dedication, and creativity. It is also crucial that CRE businesses stay up-to-date with trends and best practices so their social media marketing efforts produce maximum benefit for their commercial real estate businesses.

Instagram is an image-heavy social media platform focused on storytelling and connecting with its user community. While Instagram’s user base skews younger, commercial real estate companies can utilize Instagram’s platform to highlight property offerings and connect with prospective buyers/tenants. Furthermore, this app also offers many advertising options that target specific demographics – making Instagram an excellent marketing vehicle.

People tend to think of platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook when discussing “social media,” but there are numerous other sites that provide businesses with unique ways to reach and interact with their target audiences. Some sites may not fit well with commercial real estate firms, but they may provide avenues to reach the correct clientele and grow your business.


People usually associate Pinterest with DIY home projects and fashion tips, but it can also be a valuable resource for commercial real estate. Pinterest’s visual nature lends itself well to showcasing properties and inspiring buyers while serving as a powerful traffic-driving platform.

Pinterest can also be used to demonstrate your professional expertise and build trust and credibility with clients. Furthermore, unlike other social media platforms, Pins can remain up for years while continuing to generate traffic – making Pinterest an effective long-term strategy in real estate marketing.

Understanding each social media platform‘s nuances is vital to maximizing its potential for CRE marketing. Each has a distinct target audience and corresponding best practices; by understanding these details, you can develop an effective marketing plan tailored to them.

By developing an effective social media strategy, you can improve online visibility and connect with potential clients. However, it is crucial not to use these platforms simply as an information dump – instead, focus on building connections and brand recognition with these tools as part of overall marketing plans.

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