Del Sol Bikes


Del Sol bikes make an excellent choice for casual riding and beachside cruising, offering riders comfortable geometry and eye-catching designs.

Established in 2007, Haro Bikes purchased it and set it as a distinct bike series under their brand. Customers appreciate these quality bikes. Learn more below about this dynamic company.


Del Sol Bike Company in California prides itself on manufacturing bikes that are both fun and practical, whether used for casual beach rides or daily commutes. Their range includes cruisers, comfort hybrids, and pedal-assist electric bikes crafted using aluminum or steel frames with components chosen to offer reliability, value, and aesthetics.

This brand’s selection of cruiser bikes boasts comfortable geometry, eye-catching designs, and functional features designed to provide an enjoyable cycling experience. Sloping frames, relaxed riding position, and apehanger handlebars create an upright riding posture so riders can sit back and admire the scenery while enjoying a good riding posture. Available in various sizes with either monochromatic or two-color paint schemes that add classic charm.

Cruiser bikes typically feature single-speed drivetrains with coaster brakes for simple yet effortless riding, though more advanced cyclists may opt for models equipped with multiple gears and disc brakes. All cruiser models from this brand are lightweight for effortless cycling while being built to withstand harsh elements.

Some cruisers from this brand feature an iconic vintage aesthetic, making them popular with boardwalk and beach-side enthusiasts. Bike Palm Springs enthusiasts especially like riding around on their Tuesdays model cruiser – photos featuring this cruiser feature it as the backdrop against retro motels with pools once used by Frank Sinatra himself as swimming spots!

Del Sol Women’s LXI Flow 2 ST Comfort Bike offers both performance and comfort for casual rides, featuring a lightweight aluminum frame with an ergonomic sloping design, plush saddle, suspension fork/seat post combination that cushions every ride, as well as disc brakes that offer powerful and responsive stopping power.

The Wolff E-Bike is an excellent way for those seeking more exercise while decreasing their carbon footprint. Equipped with an electric bike throttle that mimics that of motorcycles, the rider can get moving without exerting any pedal pressure at all – an ideal choice for people who struggle using traditional pedal-assist bikes.

Comfort Bikes

Del Sol offers an assortment of comfort bikes that provide riders with a relaxed option for leisure rides and beachside cruising. Their bikes feature ergonomic designs with eye-catching eye candy. Haro Bikes acquired them in 2013 to fulfill riders’ needs worldwide. Established in 2007 and developed by Haro Bikes in 2013, Del Sol bikes can be found all around the globe and feature quality components that meet riders’ demands.

The Flow 2 is an ideal bike for riders seeking to combine classic cruiser styling with functional performance for casual rides and commutes. Equipped with a suspension fork and seatpost for cushioned comfort, a 1×8 drivetrain with a twist shifter, disc brakes that offer responsive stopping power, as well as accessories like panniers or handlebar baskets for personalization, this bicycle makes every journey enjoyable!

Electric bikes combine all of the best aspects of riding a bicycle with pedal-assisted motor technology to extend and speed up your ride, as well as make climbing hills less of a struggle. Del Sol i/O electric bikes are built to make sure that riders remain happy mile after mile – they only move when you push down on the pedals and have kept human power alive in cycling since its first velocipede was created in the 19th century!


Del Sol provides an assortment of bike types designed for different kinds of cycling experiences. Their bikes combine comfort, eye-catching designs, and high performance to offer riders the ideal riding experience across various terrains and weather conditions. Furthermore, their warranties provide peace of mind when riding your new ride.

Haro Bikes acquired this company in 2013, and since then, they have seen tremendous growth. Offering cruisers, comfort bikes, and hybrid models, as well as electric bicycles that are suitable for recreational riding or commutes, is their primary focus; manufacturing across various facilities around the world with experienced designers and engineers to create bikes that are stylish yet comfortable to ride.

Hybrid bicycles offer cyclists looking for comfort on flat or gently hilly terrain an ideal ride, thanks to a suspension fork that absorbs shocks while you ride, disc brakes for quick stops in any situation, lightweight materials, relaxed upright riding position, and light size. They’re an exceptionally suitable option for newcomers who don’t feel confident on road bikes.

There are two main types of hybrid bikes: road and mixed-terrain hybrids. Road hybrids feature narrower tires with rigid road forks to ensure a comfortable cycling experience on roads or cycle paths and are lighter weight than their mixed terrain counterparts – perfect for commuters or fitness training!

Mixed terrain hybrids feature wider tires and mountain bike-inspired suspension forks for use on smooth or uneven terrain, making them suitable for weekend park rides or canal towpath rides; they don’t perform entirely as well on technical trails, though.

The Campus 101 Commuter Hybrid Bike is an excellent option for student cyclists looking to arrive on time. This bike combines functionality, style, and affordability, featuring lightweight aluminum construction with 21-speed Shimano shifting and quick-release wheels; you’ll always arrive on time, even if your alarm goes off 11 times in the morning!

Electric Bikes

Electric bikes provide an efficient means of commuting or traveling to stores with ease, offering both pedaling power and assistance through pedal assist technology. From sturdy Railer Plus i/O with its powerful hub motor to comfortable LXI i/O powered by a mid-drive Shimano STePS system – there’s sure to be one from del Sol perfect for every rider’s needs – while maintaining that human power element inherent to cycling since the introduction of its first velocipedes in the 19th century!

Haro Bikes’ acquisition of Del Sol bikes in 2013 brought stylish, comfortable bicycles that make riding fun and easy for riders of all levels of experience and fitness. Produced globally using quality components that put comfort first while offering style, these bikes can withstand various climate conditions and terrain types for years of fun riding! For more information about Del Sol bicycles, please get in touch with us. Our staff would be more than happy to assist you in finding your dream bike.