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One of the most typical frustrations I hear from people is that they can’t write terms that sell.

Put the people face-to-face with a potential customer, and they’re in their element. However put them in front of a computer display screen and ask them to create the text for a compelling, tightly created ad or sales letter or even brochure… and they freeze upward.

True, there are very few experts who can write in a way that goes people to action. Indeed, my very own ‘baptism of fire’ in mastering to write RESPONSE GENERATING duplicate was the direct marketing business. Not only is direct advertising a totally accountable form of advertising where response rates could be measured to the decimal stage, but in many cases, it also entails ‘selling off the page’.

In other words, if you’re inviting prospects to put profit the mail or to call up using their credit card details to buy something, sight unseen.

NOTHING concentrates you on good composing more than a challenge like that!

Indeed, writing and selling copy isn’t very easy. But here’s the good thing. When you learn the basic resources to move people through the published word, you’ll BLITZ your own personal market and leave the competition in your dust. You’ll have the energy to bring sales and questions flowing into your business any time you need them, like transforming on a tap. And you’ll get it done in ANY business you manage, manage or consult.

The reason why ‘the written word’ is this sort of powerful business weapon?

Take into consideration those face-to-face encounters. What number of places can you BE in through any one day? On a fine day, you MIGHT get in front of around a half dozen prospective clients.

But when you publish compelling copy, you can indulge THOUSANDS or tens of thousands of men and women in a ‘conversation’ in a day. Along with guessing what! Out of those hundreds and hundreds, only those who are QUALIFIED can ‘put their hand up and ask for your attention. These are typically people who want to buy.

When you’ve got men and women coming to YOU, you can get rid of cold calling. And YOU anyone controls the transaction. Can that make sense?

To write powerful copy…

Start with Power Phrases

‘Power words’ give you a practically unfair advantage when you publish.

John Caples, a member of the Advertising Hall of Fame, identified a few fascinating ‘power words’ if he studied the top 100 headlines of his time. From the 100 great headlines this individual analyzed, he discovered that specific ‘power words’ appeared again and again:

You (or You’re) — 45 times!

How — 12 times

New — 10 times

Who – eight times

Money – six times

Of course, this is only a small selection of power terms. But this tells you something! Why do you think the simple term ‘YOU’ appeared on 45 occasions? Clearly, this word concentrates on the reader. It forces the actual writer to write ‘through the actual eyes of the prospect’.

It can be known as the ‘Point-of-YOU’.

If you use the ‘Point-of-YOU’, it’s extremely difficult to talk all about yourself, your company, or your product… you understand the stuff… “We possess a big factory”, “We tend to be proud to announce… inch, “Our product is so great… inch.

Write in that self-focused method and your prospects will rapidly flip the page, strike the delete key, or even toss your message within the rubbish bin.

Talk about THESE PEOPLE, and what THEY want… and you’ll rivet their attention! Can it be this kind of simple?

I’ve had a single client who attended a single of my workshops, who subsequently re-wrote all his sales and marketing communications from a ‘Point-of-YOU’. He reached a 5 TIMES increase in answer. From nothing more than that one improvement in focus!

Think about that. They didn’t have to spend five times the advertising dollars. They didn’t have to hire far more people. He simply re-positioned to a ‘Point-of-YOU’, and reached a 500% increase in potential buyers! What would do achieve for yourself?

26 Logic behind why People Buy

I could write a total course on copywriting approaches. And in my program, ‘Write and Design your Own Advertising, Sales Letters, Brochures, Flyers, and Sales Presentations’, many of us do exactly that. Many of us work through the powerful still logical steps to re-writing our own copy with answer-generating techniques, so that you transfer people to act.

It’s an entertaining process, and once you ‘get it, there will be NO quitting you. For now, though, let’s take a look at another critical take into account in achieving effective communication… And this is the reason why people BUY? The late great Ed Mayer gathered these 26 reasons why everyone is motivated to buy:

* To generate money

* To save money

4. To save time

* To stop the effort

* To get more ease and comfort

* To achieve greater sanitation

* To attain better as well as fuller health

* To flee physical pain

* To achieve praise

* To be well-known

* To attract the opposite sexual intercourse

* To conserve possessions

2. To increase enjoyment

* In order to gratify curiosity

* To safeguard family

* To be in design

* To have or keep beautiful possessions

* To meet the appetite

* To imitate others

* To avoid problems

* To avoid criticism

2. To be individual

* To safeguard the reputation

* To take advantage of possibilities

* To have safety within buying something

* To create work easier

Some relatively primeval motivations there! A few we may not even readily acknowledge to. But they ARE the things that generate us!

Now ask yourself, exactly how compellingly does your collateral absolutely no in on and develop a number of those motivators? Or did your literature fall back into the ‘we have a big factory’ setting?

If you’re going to MOVE individuals to action, you need to really obtain inside their heads, understand what their own ‘buying drivers’ are, exactly what their fears and concerns are, and their doubts… as well as address those compellingly.

If you choose that, when you craft persuasive copy into your message, that is when you start to TAKE CONTROL of the market industry. That’s when people buy from anyone because you’ve inspired these people because you’ve inflamed their very own imaginations, and educated these people that you’ve got what they WANT.

Now, the focus goes OFF price along with onto your value package. More than another time.

For the time being, do you think now might be a thrilling time to do a ‘Point-of-YOU’ communications taxation on your marketing collateral?

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