How can you Turn Negative Problems Straight into Positive Opportunities

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Have you ever possessed a problem or adverse condition arose that if there were getting of turning it into an opportunity, you just would do it in a pulse? We all have at a single point. Maybe it was an economic setback. Maybe it was some sort of heartbreak from a connection. It could be that you fear, so it happens when you die. It might be an emotional or quite stressful situation. Maybe you are facing the wall with an actual infirmity or sickness or disease of some kind. It could even be that you have never completed your potential in life.

Whichever it is, I am telling you that you may turn it around for the benefit, and I will show you how. I am using the example of Jesus plus the very first miracle that is noted, which he did. Typically the miracle is turning ordinary water into wine, and it can always be found in the bible throughout John 2: 1-11.

Every time a good situation goes awful, what do you do?

Here we have some who are getting married. Mary, the star of Jesus, is there with Jesus, and his disciples are invited. So, we find that they can want wine. Okay, until now, so good. But then the mother involving Jesus comes to him and says they have no wines. Here we have a good and festive occasion that has simply gone bad.

Jesus’ mom comes to him and states they are out of wine. Christ says, “Woman, my hours are not yet come. Inch Did you ever possess a situation or many circumstances that arose that were not life-threatening but fell right into a category that, if possible, you can do without them? Yea, they will not do anything except hurt how you feel or embarrass the daylights out of you, but you will undoubtedly live through them. They are the type of situations where if you already possess a bad day, it could be the proverbial straw that fractures the camel’s back, as they say.

So Jesus’ mother neglects him and tells the actual servants to do whatever this individual tells them to do. First, you need to realize that even in all those trivial and meaningless circumstances that are annoying but exciting, God still loves a person and wants all things to operate together for your good. You need to understand that. So you go to Our god for help and instead associated with complaining about your life or murmuring about the circumstances you are in simply doing what Jesus says to perform. And what does he tell do? Let’s find out.

Within our story, we find six stone water pots used for purifying. Jesus informed the servants to fill the water pots, and these guys filled them to the top. Jesus told them to employ what was right in front of them. Do you ever look over time for an answer to your situation that you just missed what was staring anyone right in the face? Many of us have. You need to slow down and enable yourself not to be in some sort of rush. You need to get yourself in a neutral frame of mind and just receive quiet and think issues through in a more straightforward technique. When you spend time in the Expression of God regularly, I can assure you that when irritating circumstances arise and you peaceful yourself down and stop for a moment, the Term of God will return to you. You will have a solution rise from within you, and you may know what to do.

So after that, Jesus says to attract some water and provide it to the head individual at the feast. And the maids obeyed. When you obey Christ by obeying the Word associated with God, you will not fail. Generally, obeying the Word of Our god will be contrary to what you believe should be done. But you should ask yourself if you want to do things on the right path or do you want things carried out right and successfully. That could entail consistently doing points God’s way. If you want a living, then lose yours within Christ. Let Christ rule in your life, and I promise a person that you will be delivered from every affliction that life tosses at you.

Now the leader tastes the water that had been created wine, and he now phone calls over the groom to come and discover him. Did you notice how the water did not become a wine beverage until the head person around this wedding was ready to take in it? Did you ever wonder why God doesn’t do a Columbia crash based on your time? Typically the ruler of the feast enhances the groom by declaring that the good wine is often served first, and when many people drink freely, then the worst type of wine is served. Appears like they typically water down the drinks as people send drunker and drunker.

But in this situation, what happened? The water that had been made into wine was the ideal that had been served. So let’s take summarize what happened.

An issue arose, making a joyous celebration into a negative one.

Quickly a person went to Jesus intended for help instead of looking to the globe or to personal knowledge to do any number of things that might have sorted out the situation.

When Jesus echoes, you should listen and pay attention to it. This is the same as reading your bible and obeying what on earth is there and getting peaceful and allowing God to talk to you through that back to the inside witness you have on the inside of anyone.

What Jesus tells you to complete might be contrary to what you want to complete or even abnormal regarding your laws of nature. Therefore a higher law that you are ignorant of might be available to employ and work if you do something like it. For example, in Galatians 5: 22 and 3, we read, “But typically the fruit of the Spirit is usually love, joy, peace, long-suffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness, temperance: against such you cannot find any law. ” Did the truth is that? There is no law regarding such things. That means if the fresh fruit of the Spirit is created in you as a created Christian again, then when required, there is something that even lifts you above the laws associated with nature. Hence we have the actual gift of the Spirit from the working of miracles accessible to us when we need it.

Here is something that I want you to notice. You can do things within a natural sense or the method the world teaches and get through, or you can do things The lord’s way and really do far better. If you do things the planet’s way, you won’t please Our god and take your chances using the end, being that you are the actual loser. Turn your life to Christ Jesus and find out exactly how good life can be, even if life throws every problem and piece of garbage toward you.

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