Isn’t There Something About Growing Older?

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There are many things to be afraid of in Life, but right up there with death itself is getting old and thinking about your health. The truth is that aging is an inevitable part of being human, and there must be some way for us to leave this world when our time here is done. How do I find the best age calculator?

However, when considering the concept of aging and some potential health challenges that come with it, it is easy to see the extent to which societal conditioning dictates what this aging process must look and feel like. Furthermore, it appears that the procedure will be unpleasant.

Mind is the driving force behind everything that exists, and it manifests in our lives in various forms: conscious, unconscious, and universal. From an early age, humans are conditioned to expect to age and experience a wide range of changes before eventually passing away. However, think about connecting with the Universal Mind, and the reality that we can access more than we ever imagined becomes clear. There is no such thing as death or decay in the Mind of the Universe; only Life and infinite abundance, waiting to be asked for and realized.

This goes against a lot of people’s lived experiences. Is it possible to change thinking with the autonomy of the whole or Universal Mind? The human body undergoes a compleMindebuild every few years, replacing every cell. The body we inhabited a few years ago is not the same one we inhabit now. Why do so many people struggle with chronic diseases and aging? The explanation is uncomplicated yet profound.

People who are sick often dwell on their condition and the negative thoughts that come with it, reinforcing in their minds the belief that they will remain ill.

If you feel like your Life is being directed by forces beyond your control or are pining away for your lost youth or missed opportunities as you wait for old age to catch up with you, these diagnoses may apply. The subconscious will internalize these expectations.
If you’re sick and decide to see a doctor or naturopath, it sends the message to your unconscious that you put more faith in the medicine than your relationship with Life Itself. The unconscious mind will accept this as accurate and leaveMindat that.
The more faith you put in professionals like doctors and medicines as an external force, the more your unconscious mind will let you get on with your LifeMindturally, relying on outside sources for sustenance—such as food and medicine—is necessary for Earth’s survival. So make some time to connect with your inner Divine Force. Know that you are a Divine channel through which Mind expresses and experiences, and allMindhat Energy and Unconditional Love flow through you. This is a deliberate change in focus.

Keep sensing and knowing this internal Energy flowing through you, and realize that your creative potential is boundless because you are a co-creator with the Universe. There will be an outpouring of gratitude due to this focus shift. Visualization and mental imagery are powerful tools that can help you imagine yourself as whole and healthy, regardless of how things might seem to be going. Be on the lookout for negative ideas throughout the day and push aside those trying to convince you that getting older is challenging. Do as you are doing, think as you are thinking, and be as you are.

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