Just what Divides East From Gulf

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It is the concept that splits east from the West. Many people differ in their concept in connection with the image of God, bring about miseries along with the kind of existence, and so on. To know about ramaskandam hanumantham lyrics in english, visit here.

You will discover mainly two kinds of strict concepts in the world. One is often the Yahudi concept, which includes Mahometismo, Christianity, Hasid, and so forth, which was prevalent in the West.

The opposite is the Hindu concept such as Hindu, Jain, Sikh in addition to Buddh religions which is frequent in the east. The remaining strict trends or traditions usually are branches of these two.

All religions of the West think of SIN as the basic bring about behind the miseries. Thus, they emphasize ‘service’ or ‘sewa’ to eliminate the SIN committed using them knowingly or unwittingly.

While all the religions in the East consider ‘ignorance’ as well as (AGYAN) as the basic root cause of miseries hence they focus on ‘meditation’ or (DHYAN) since they believe that meditation can give rise to ‘knowledge’ or perhaps (GYAN) which will bring human beings to the right path alone.

According to the religious concept of the particular West, the ‘existence’ or perhaps (Jiwan) is dialectical or perhaps dual, e. g. Hell/heaven, god/devil, good/bad, laughing/weeping, and so on, but according to the Hindu school of thought this dual nature in existence is only superficial, and they are one internally at the. g. the two banks of your river.

In other words, this mix and match or ‘Dwait’ is outside the house or superficial, but they are joined internally. This idea of ‘oneness’ is the most known feature of Hindu religious beliefs.

The Hindu philosophy takes into account God as a three-collection system which includes Brahma (the creator), Vishnu (the preserver), and Mahesh (the destroyer). These are three faces with the same Jesus. He is God and demon, hell and heaven, joy and misery himself in addition. The God Head (Krsna) has said in Gita, ‘Do not divide me with two different identities. On the web presence in both of them nonetheless out of it’.

Similarly, often the West considers ‘electricity’ (light) as the ultimate base of existence while the East issues ‘sound’ as the ultimate basis of existence. This is why there have been men like Tansen in the East who could light lamps through musical technology sound waves.

The Western world has tried to discover mother nature by analyzing the matter through scientific means, while the Far east has tried to discover the living by analyzing the ‘mind.’ Religion is hence the outcome of the analysis of the mind of the human being, which often, according to the Hindu concept, is usually beyond reasoning.

Perhaps this can be the basic difference between scientific research and religion. Science is determined by reasoning, while religion is usually beyond reasoning and just a few faiths.

The East and the West have progressed in their respective fields. Typically the West gained materially though mental peace was missing, while the East gained spiritually but lacked amenities along with wealth. Now a distinct situation has arisen any time both the East & Western worlds have begging bowls into their hands.

The West usually asks the east about the techniques for finding mental peace, pilates, meditation, jap, puja, plea, etc. The East usually asks the West for bakery, clothes, engineers, medical professionals, etc.

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