My High School Bully Manga Review


My High School Bully is an ongoing manga written and illustrated by Andrew and illustrated by Kkokkio. The series revolves around four of the most challenging students at school: Sakamoto, Maruyama, Kakuta, and Nambae – each character has their personality; here’s more information about them all: Sakamoto is an ideal boy genius with many creative ideas at his disposal. He enjoys art history.


As soon as Sakamoto arrives at his high school, he draws everyone’s attention. Girls love him while boys resent him – yet no matter what tricks they try on him, they invariably backfire on them; instead, he moves through life with confidence and grace, yet many are jealous of his perfection yet willing to help out his classmates when needed.

When one of his bullies attempts to extort him, Sakamoto assists by inviting them to work at his fast food restaurant – though the bully still pursues and harasses him relentlessly despite this introduction. But eventually, Sakamoto manages to drive them away with his extraordinary personality.

One such story involves Aina, who finds herself being bullied by two other students. Unable to fight back herself, Aina turns to Sakamoto for help. With his assistance, she not only manages to keep away from them; he even offers jobs at his restaurant, and he makes Aina feel more confident by telling her she is not an ugly girl.

Sakamoto and his classmates frequently find themselves embroiled in misadventures throughout the series, such as when Kakuta attempts to catch him eating in health class but fails each time or when they’re trying to rent pornography but use their poker faces to convince the store owner that they they they only require adult entertainment.

Sakamoto’s antics aren’t meant just for show; they’re intended to help those in need. He once played servant for an intimidating bully gang leader and treated the boy so well that the bully eventually became his friend.

The manga is an attractively illustrated story that humorously tackles severe themes like bullying. Additionally, it shows us that bullies can be just like us all, and it is essential to recognize and respect their strengths. Studio DEEN recently announced an anime adaptation for Spring 2017.


Bullying stories usually feature physical violence committed by boys; however, this manga takes a unique approach to bullying by depicting a girl who acts as an invisible villain by slowly manipulating those under her influence into uncontrollable streams of malice. It’s very dark and psychological, leaving its readers to experience various feelings such as anxiety or fear.

This manga takes place in an alternate version of Japan’s Edo period, in an alternative school system with a special committee sent to various schools to fix problems such as bullying by any means necessary. Our main character (MC), as part of this committee, utilizes both wisdom and cruelty when solving any conflicts he encounters.

Though he has many students, he is extremely generous and supportive when they become independent. DaHyun was given an opportunity to join his brothel as a servant, providing everything necessary for her comfortable life there. Although they all work under one roof, each apprentice possesses a distinct character and set of talents.

An intriguing element of this manga is how its girls can still maintain some connection to their biological families, even while serving Maruyama as indentured servants. By being able to buy things for them from outside sources, they avoid some of the harsher punishments that would otherwise be inflicted upon them.

In addition, MC possesses an extraordinary power called “Secret Sword,” enabling him to control and manipulate his enemies. This skill comes in handy when confronting upperclassman delinquents who bully his classmates and force them into servitude for them; using his “Secret Sword,” he manages to humiliate them by controlling their bodies and forcing them into performing odd and inappropriate actions against themselves.

Kugane Maruyama is well-known for his manga series Overlord, first published in 2010 and with thirteen volumes currently out. Additionally, he pens light novels, including the highly-regarded Escape From Nazarick and Pure Pleiades series of Overlord.


Kakuta serves as both the main character and leader of an auto club. He’s known to get involved with his friends’ crazy schemes, sometimes getting bullies like Yanagin or Ikushima involved as well. Additionally, his kindness makes him vulnerable against bullies such as Yanagin or Ikushima; besides, his face features a scar that’s covered by his cap.

Although he may seem minor, he plays an essential part in the story. He’s intelligent and thoughtful, always willing to see things from different perspectives when solving an issue, an invaluable team player, and reliable in assisting when needed – this character has proven so beloved among fans of the show!

This manga’s unique take on bullying lies in its school system hierarchy. Typically, bullies are placed into specific ranks within each school until graduation or switching schools, but in this manhwa, their classes frequently shift between schools.

Manga has a unique appeal that draws in readers and keeps them coming back for more. These stories promise both laughter and tears while providing insight into high school student lives.

Kakuta is a second-year student and plays as the center on his volleyball team. Despite being small in stature, he’s an outstanding center who can run fast and jump high – an asset to any team’s performance! Additionally, he’s an effective defender.

Kakuta’s character traits can be traced back to her zodiac sign of Leo. Leos tend to be charismatic individuals with bold, self-assured features who desire attention and recognition – something Kakuta looks pretty eager for in school newspaper interviews.

Kakuta stands out as an ideal personal assistant to Belldandy due to his friendly personality and affection for others, evidenced by both MBTI (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator) and Enneagram Type 8w9 personality types – proof that manhwa can successfully portray both crazy bullying as well as emotional connections simultaneously.


Naoto Hachiouji, an introverted second-year high school student who prefers drawing manga in his spare time instead of engaging socially, is teased by other students for his shy personality and fanboy interests, but first-year girl Hayase Nagatoro finds him irresistibly attractive when she realises the heroine of his manga is based on her. To his chagrin she torments him by making fun of how braver his hero was than him, prompting tears in him; so he attempts to avoid her, until Hayase infiltrates his Art Club room pushes him into drawing her as well as hinting she might likes dating him while mocking his fear of touching.

Senpai purchases an erotic vampire manga and shows it to Nagatoro, who recognizes herself in its cowardly human protagonist. Senpai teases Nagatoro by imitating vampirism and grabbing his crotch; when he screams in pain, she laughs off his reaction while sharing her previous experience of bullying.

As Culture Festival Day arrives, Nagatoro dresses up in a cat costume along with cat mascots to do a “bullying dance” to promote Senpai’s artwork. She becomes more interested in him and admires his artwork even though he initially acts cold towards her. While they compete for popularity with their respective festival exhibits, the Club President threatens disbandment if either of them receives more votes, eventually relenting and allowing Nagatoro to remain.

Nagatoro continues to taunt Senpai by laughing at his choice of manga and how he interacts with girls. She asks him for advice about Christmas presents, then disturbs him at home when his sister is away. Additionally, she makes fun of his refusal to take her out and tricks him into thinking she wants to date him; eventually they fight; Nagatoro wins by using her strength effectively, defeating Senpai without breaking a sweat; she claims she has an elaborate plan in mind to defeat all bullies without using any physical contact; and Senpai believes her claims since there wasn’t even any dirt involved – yet another attempt by Senpai at playing into Nagatoro’s hands;