Selecting an Online Registration System

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Today, with an increasingly competitive activities industry, race directors and event organisers recognise that with all the logistics and awareness of detail inherent in organizing events, it is important to have function management software they can depend upon to ensure success. With a wide variety of goods available, try to keep a few essentials in mind when choosing the best software for your current event.

Essential #1 regarding Online Registration: Customisable Enrollment Forms

There are many products available where you can create an online registration web form, but most lack the flexibility necessary to accommodate the needs of each special event. Many online enrollment products offer a standard web form template with a generic design and style and a limit to the number of custom data fields you’ll be able to do the form. This design and style inflexibility can hurt customer experience, and limited info collection does not exactly set your job on the cruise handle.

Take the issue regarding design, for example. You may have a lovely and professionally designed function website with clean collections and pretty images; nevertheless, if a registrant clicks the will “Enter Online” button and also links over to the form, they could be presented with something that looks entirely disjointed from the excitement that your site has just generated. The standard form template, available from many software companies won’t have your website’s look and feel as well as the event logo in some cases! A correct online registration system should allow you to match the registration form’s look often and feel for it on your event website. This would give the registrant the feeling that they have never left your website and a sense of security that all their data and payment aren’t going to be collected elsewhere.

As long as the flexibility of data collection, the software you choose must deliver the option to create as many personalized fields as needed for amassing any type of data you may need from the registrant. Examples of different types of records fields would be: short respond to, long answer, single decision radio button, multiple decision, drop-down menu, time formatting, file upload, and variety of questions, to name a few. Mobility in types of questions you could create means flexibility inside reporting you can harvest from an event administration area of the program.

Also, remember that your affair may include different types of attendees, so you need to collect different types of records. More advanced online registration programs will allow you to create many versions of a registration type, including questions that sign up for only those who need to respond. An example would be the records needed from an event battler compared to that needed from your event volunteer. This fact is easy to gather when you control your online subscription forms.

Essential #2 connected with Online Registration: Online Installments

Gone are the days of waiting for your personal attendee’s cheques to clear and waiting for the payment to arrive by mail so that you can make a standard bank deposit. Most event organisers opt to take payment online by bank card. Accepting entry fees online is a great time saver due to the fact money collected online is most cases, automatically deposited inside of your bank account.

A feature like this can get an event organiser enthusiastic, but before you sign on the particular dotted line, ensure the online enrollment system you use is protected and has your registrant’s interests in mind.

Something else to consider is whether you want to use your online product owner gateway or a product owner gateway provided by the online enrollment company. A fully integrated enrollment system should offer you the usage of a merchant gateway so that you will not need to go into trouble regarding setting up your own.

Essential #3 of Online Registration: Robotic Emails

Put yourself inside your registrant’s place: You submit an online form, enter your card number, click the post button… and then nothing. Has my registration been received? Has my card been charged??? An automatic follow-up email is essential for the success of your event, in addition to two different ways that you can use the item:

1 . To send an automatic proof email to the registrant. Offer attendees peace of mind knowing that all their payment has been accepted in addition to space reserved.

2 . To deliver emails to registrants with a reminder as the affair date approaches.

Regular transmission from the event organiser will probably build confidence in his contributors and keep them engaged in successfully navigating the event.

Essential #4 connected with Online Registration: Robust Confirming

Easy participant tracking, in addition to reporting, is key to a stress-free event. An issue that many affair organisers complain about is not figuring out exactly how many people will be coming over to the event until the very continue moment. Events that agree to entries by paper subscription may be busy hand including forms and manually bringing up-to-date attendee spreadsheets until the previous night of the event.

A fully intelligent online registration system will help you view real-time event records snapshots as the registrations usually flow in. Up-to-the-minute accounts are important for those team meetings in the last days before the event. A system with flexible and robust reporting must offer you the data you have accumulated in several different custom studies, in real-time and from any internet connection, so you can see what numbers are on the fly.

Essential #5 of Online Registration: Full Automation

When doing your research, you’ll likely find that every online registration system claims to offer you some degree of automation. Yet, I would suggest that finding a product or service that will truly reduce your work requires COMPLETE automation. At this time, I mean that you want your enrollment form to be connected to your current merchant account, which is connected to your current database.

For example, one online registration provider may acquire participant data for you and also email you the data, although not put it in a database. They could leave it up to you to personally enter it into a spreadsheet or perhaps an offline database. Another online registration provider may acquire the data and funnel that into a database. Still, the coverage available may be very limited, and the registrant may not get a custom automatic confirmation email verifying his registration. In additional cases, the online registration program may collect the participant’s data and credit card variety. Still, you may have to practice payments offline or throughout your merchant gateway manually. Opening up your merchant gateway is usually expensive, not to mention confusing.

Finding your system, make sure it is thoroughly automated and fully bundled. A complete tool will cope with everything from capturing data to help charge the card, sending a new confirmation email to the registrant, housing the data in a project database, and offering confirming and communication tools to have informed about your transactions, including your participant’s needs.


The true secret to any successful event is offering the attendee a quality experience, growing registrations year-over-year, and reducing workload so that you can focus on all of the above. After careful research, selecting the right on the net registration system will allow you to take your event to the next level.

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