The best way to Increase Sales and Conversions With Zen Cart

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Your conversion rate will tell you just how many visitors are taking certain steps – it could be completing a selection (obviously, the ultimate goal). However, it could also include a new contact form, signing up for a newsletter, etc. You can measure that by setting up goals inside of your analytics program. This will supply you with valuable statistics and metrics you can use to measure next to and help improve your business.

You must optimize the functionality of the wheel. The more clicks you make a visitor get to the result, the more chance they are to leave without having done anything. “Abandoning the process” is a big problem on the Web.

Below are ways you can optimize in addition to improving the cart and searching experience for the customer:

Shorten the login/subscription page
Rephrase blocks connected with text to make the user assume less
Remove unnecessary details at sign-up (DOB, Telephone, etc.)
Reduce the number of ticks necessary to signup, increase whitened space and create a better stream to the process
Remove the generate an account success screen.
Merely adds another click. Following signup, take the user right to the next screen they want to visit.
Make the Add to Wagon, View Cart, Checkout, Keep on and Submit Order buttons/links more visible, prominent, and compelling.
Self-explanatory. You need to make sure these important switches stand out from the rest of the website. It will eventually draw the user’s attention and prepare them subconsciously to follow the method you want them to
Suggest an item has been added to the cart, and don’t send those to their cart after incorporating an item.
By default, the user will probably be taken to their cart whenever they add a product. You want to miss this and let them always shop and add more goods.
Simplify the shopping cart webpage
Remove unnecessary text, like “Visitor carts being combined with member carts,” and so on Just confuses people. Eliminate the estimate shipping button by adding that section directly to the particular page, reduces clicks and also confusion
Make changes to the particular checkout shipping page
Replace the language
Add white room
Display the checkout key prominently
Make changes to the particular checkout payment page
Identical steps as mentioned above with see shipping page
Reword often the checkout confirmation page
Alter the language, so the user is not confused. Make sure they know which one more step is necessary to carry out the transaction.
Add the expression “Edit” to the images.
Customize the layout of the credit card facts screen
Optimize the thank you so much page
The one time the user’s utmost awareness is on the “thank you” page. It is one website that people not only read, although read carefully and study. Why? Because they want to determine what the next steps are to get receiving the product they just simply ordered.
With the above facts, this is the page we must ask them to refer friends by adding incentives – Receive a price cut if you refer a friend, and so forth.
You could also provide a customer service questionnaire on this page as well, to help you to collect data that will help you to be able to improve your cart continually.
Generate an impulse offer: FREE SHIPPING
Studies have repeatedly shown that free shipping promotions are usually powerful offers that increase sales.
Easily simplify navigation where possible.
Just where possible, you should reduce the level of clicks it takes to find the actual user is looking for
Build consumer confidence
Prominently display protected and SSL images/certifications, returning policies, phone numbers, etc.
Put as many payment methods as you possibly can
CyberSource reported that suppliers who offered three or maybe more payment options saw a typically 14% increase in conversions. And also, Forrester Research contends that will alternative payment methods assist in sales and reduce shopping cart desertion

The following modules/add-ons are recommended:

Amazon online marketplace Inventory Loader
This will allow one to export the products into the Amazon account, where we can easily list and sell products.
Finest Sellers Page
This leads to a page that will list number one items
Contest System
Using installing this, you can add a new contest signup side pack and offer the customer the chance to get something in exchange for their email address contact info, which you then load into the email marketing program.
Google Froogle Feed
Same functionality as the Amazon Inventory Loader, which adds the products to Froogle for sale
Better Together
Will allow cross-selling at a discount; a program can be linked with another specific product, another product originating from a specific category, or any different product, with an associated price cut (in dollars or percent off) if both are ordered together.
Order Steps
This leads to a graphical indicator of were experts are in the checkout process.
Free delivery Rules
This shipping element allows you to offer free shipping while more than one requirement is set. These requirements include order overall, total weight, and items. For example, if the bare minimum order total is set to be $1000 and the maximum excess weight is set to 5lbs, free=shipping would only be given regarding orders that meet Quite a few requirements.
Tell a Friend: Free Shipping
This module can give the customer free or lowered shipping if they tell somebody using the form on the website.

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