The Sopranos: Best TV Series Ending Ever?

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The Sopranos revolutionized current television. It was about a New Jersey mafia family led by Tony Soprano. We were presented with the day-to-day existence of a ‘godfather’ and the challenges and tribulations of being both a family guy and the commander of an organized crime unit as the head of a smaller family compared to the New York family. Find out the best info about Anupama Spoilers, Upcoming Story.

The Sopranos centered on the essential members of this ‘family.’ Unlike many previous television shows, the narrative gradually unfolded through the eyes of its main protagonist, Tony Soprano. James Gandolfini’s performance alone got him numerous honors, and we were exposed to an up close and, at times, very personal look at the life of a mafia boss. We watched the incredible highs and lows, his role as a father and husband, and how his life as a mafia boss affected this.

The Sopranos series finale aired nearly three years ago was a watershed moment in television history. In the closing scene, Tony Soprano meets his wife and children in a café diner. As the scene progresses, a terrible vibe pervades it. The audience becomes restless as specific camera views create ambiguity and doubt in their minds – will anything happen? Is Tony going to get arrested? Murder his family? The action progresses slowly as Journey’s Don’t Stop Believing plays on the jukebox. Each camera frame heightens the suspense as the viewer waits for something to happen. They appear to be staring over their shoulders, as though Tony is about to be ‘whacked’ or arrested by the FBI.

The scenario unfolds slowly, and the spectator is constantly aware that something is about to happen. The screen immediately turns black. When this was first broadcast, many people thought their televisions had broken. This, however, was artistic brilliance given via a television screen. The audience was given the impression that Tony’s family was always in danger and that he might only have one more second with them before he was dead or caught. As an audience, we felt Tony Soprano’s feelings in those last few minutes. Yes, he was a dangerous and terrible man but also a loving family man. As the drama progressed, we were placed in Tony’s shoes. The feeling that it could all end at any time. In essence, the sentiments we as an audience felt were the same as those Tony felt daily, not knowing where it would all end.

And therein lays the appeal. Many people felt that the series should have ended nicely, with all of the problems resolved, and in some ways, it did. Tony Soprano’s future was less critical. For the first time in the six-part series, we, viewers,,, had the sensation of being Tony Soprano, which wasn’t pleasant.

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