The way to Do More With Your Facebook Enterprise Page

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Need ideas and also the inspiration for your Facebook Small business Page or Fan Page? Undecided about what to do next? Here is an overview that should inspire some clean ways for you to inject completely new life into your page.

The key first step you’ll want to give some thought to:

Your site – use key terms
The type of your site – your personal selection will determine the number of content on the Info case
These elements cannot be changed in the future. You would have to start a different page.
Creating a custom impression to fit the space Facebook provides:
200 x 600 potential, create collages, be inspiring, similar to sidebar banner advertising
Best applications for businesses to apply – core applications you will be using and why:
Permanent HTML – provides big opportunities for custom appearance, separate custom Welcome obtaining pages, etc. Can have about 10 separate incidences connected with individual coded areas
Zynga Notes – the only destination for a put blog RSS feed everywhere it updates the Web site Wall. Extended idea: develop a Friendfeed account and create a new combined RSS feed for many blogs, Twitter posts, Dailymotion posts, etc.
Ping. FM app for Business Pages. Slightly tricky to set up, but the right app to eliminate unnecessary increased work to post information.
Inbound links – provide a link to almost any URL, including an image thumbnail. More visual punch. To help activate, create a new Divider post and include a link with a webpage. THEN, it will be exhibited on the Boxes tab, and move it to the Divider tab if you like.
If you have functions, use the Events app
Should you choose videos, use the Video Software
Adding an opt-in web form for an e-newsletter or website subscription (or whatever):
Utilize the Static HTML app
Methods to use images throughout to generate that visual punch:
Photos, images, images. Think advertising ads. Use as front-end image links going to your site.
Copy from the website, substance into HTML editor, make use of tables to organize content when needed, copy HTML coming from code tab, then substance into Static HTML
Graphic tools: Fireworks, Gimp, also Powerpoint can create an image away from a slide.
Don’t take the time to create animated gif photos. Facebook doesn’t like these. Bummer, I know.
HTML publishers – I’m still making use of Frontpage (no laughing please), but another good one is the CoffeeCup HTML editor. Of course in case you are using Dreamweaver you are very good as gold.
Best ways to correspond with your Fans
Link: Send out an update to Fans: compose a Facebook email, contain links, etc.
Ways to advertise your page
Link: Recommend Friends
Facebook Fan Container
Link to FB page, URL to specific tab URL
Speak about it on Twitter
Regular avenues: email signature, web page, newsletter, blog, email fun time
Facebook Page Ads instructions pay-per-click
The true benefits of employing Facebook Business Pages
Usually are indexed by search engines
Delivers offsite community-building opportunities
Viralability: The more valuable content you actually add, the more people will probably comment. The more that people think, the more their own Facebook good friends will see the link to your website. The more people that see a connection to your page, the far your brand reaches.
Controls to remember:
Change View Controls – Default View to get Wall > > Posts by Page in addition to Fans
Default Landing Case for Everyone Else > > Custom Welcome Website… or Boxes tab.
Admirer Permissions > > allow or disallow admirer postings, depending on what you want due to the site.
Ideas on how to build a crowd-drawing community
This is a put together I provided to a clientele who has a shoe retailer on eBay. They needed to do more with their Facebook Enterprise Page but didn’t really know what to do next.

Promotional Factors:

1) Add pictures and also galleries. This is a must for a website promoting physical products.

2) Add your eBay retail outlet RSS feed to the Facebook Records application. Will populate your current Facebook page automatically when you add new items to your current store.

3) Create a custom-made landing page on the site and make that the first page people see whenever they come to it. Can use the particular Boxes tab or produce a completely custom tab. A lot and lots of images – advertising ads, etc.

4) Includes a link to your eBay retail outlet in all your posts.

5) Produce a weekly/monthly video using photos of new shoes/products you get inside. Post the video on Facebook or myspace page, as well as on places just like YouTube, etc.

6) Supply value content. Ideas can include:

– shoe proper care tips

– announce/review boot care products

– shoe storage area ideas

– things to think of when purchasing shoes

: a different post on boot ideas for every holiday, period, or special occasion.

– speak about shoe accessories

– do’s and dont’s of buying sneakers

– gift ideas for the boot lover

– the latest inside shoe designs

– what’s happening in the shoe industry: do a series about youngsters’ shoes. Best fitting ideas, etc.

– set up a great FAQ page for concerns you get asked most often.

: highlight the benefits of shopping on your site.

7) Have a Publication? Put an opt-in register form on the Facebook webpage.

8 ) Depending on your feelings about it, you can add the Evaluations application to your site where consumers review your business, products, and so on

Fun and Interactive Elements:

Challenges – pick a winner, and supply a prize.

1) Have folks share their fun and odd-shoe stories.

2) Have got people to share funny boot pictures.

3) Post a photo and have people submit any caption. Selected caption thought wins.

4) Create month-to-month polls

5) Host routine causes. Use and also use their widget to incorporate it into your Facebook webpage.

6) Do a “Where Am I not? ” contest. Create images of the latest shoe facing something recognizable, like a traveler spot, then give several clues, and the first person who also posts the correct answer benefits something. Use Photoshop, or perhaps something similar, to create the particular doctored picture. Or, a different twist on this is to get end users to post “Where Am I? micron pictures using the shoes they also have purchased from you.

7) Why not consider doing a weekly/monthly treasure track down on your business website, in addition, to using your Facebook page to give clues to what visitors are going to look for on your website? You could possibly even do something where per week you give an additional clue even so the prize gets smaller together with the more clues you give. Other tips:

1) Generally respond to people posting for the page. If someone’s concern prompts you to write a completely new and expanded post, apply it… and give credit to that man for asking such a good question. Use what people usually are asking you as inspiration for an expanded post by you actually. In a nutshell, give your visitors what you possibly can they are seeking.

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