Top 5 Online Games to Play on Your Smartphone

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Gaming was once considered an exclusive pastime; with smartphones becoming more widely accessible, gaming has become a mainstream hobby. From first-person shooters and party games involving social deduction to thrilling board games and exciting multiplayer experiences – there’s likely an online game suitable for you. Choose the best Free Online Games.

Online games are an engaging and fun way to unite people, primarily if your workplace operates remotely or hybrid. Here are a few great games you and your team can enjoy playing online!

Knockout City

Knockout City transforms gym teachers’ staple activity into an engaging arena game with easy-to-learn yet difficult-to-master controls, drawing many players in for its quirky yet entertaining gameplay. Since its release, players have found Knockout City immensely appealing and continue playing it daily! The free-to-play title has proven immensely popular, with players flocking to its quirky yet entertaining play style.

Pump-faking catches are one of the critical elements to success in Knockout City. By clicking the right stick, you can make it appear that a dodgeball will be thrown towards an enemy but instead go directly away from them, giving you an opening to throw them a follow-up ball that could knock them out of play.

The game is regularly upgraded with new arenas, modes, and playlists that add variety and keep its player base engaged through events and seasonal changes that encourage long-term play.


AirConsole allows users to instantly play various games using their smartphone as the controller – perfect for family game nights, group gatherings with friends and colleagues, seminars or business conferences, and icebreaker sessions.

To play on AirConsole, visit their website and push the large Start button. Your browser screen will then expand into full-screen, and a seven-digit numerical code known as the Link Code will appear – enter this on your smartphone to sync up with their software and select your game of choice! Most games support two to eight players, while some support up to 32!

AirConsole games are frequently updated, with one new title appearing each week. Our library consists of arcade, action, social quiz, and competitive racing titles to ensure players never become bored of playing the duplicate titles repeatedly. Plus, they’re completely free!

Board Game Arena

Board Game Arena is a website that enables people to enjoy hundreds of board games against people worldwide online for free, with additional premium features available at an extra fee. Offering various board game genres and easy use.

Bang is an exciting strategy game where you take control of either outlaws or the sheriff and his deputies – ready for an all-out shootout! Your position around the table determines who can and cannot be targeted; making alliances and pitting people against one another are necessary strategies in this battleground. Plus, there’s even an online chat feature to stay in contact with all your opponents!

A player’s record determines ELO on BGA and the difference between their rating and that of their opponent, updated after every game. In addition, BGA supports importing online plays from Yucatan and Board Game Arena into BG Stats directly (some scores may need to be manually adjusted); you can import from these websites using the Settings > Export, import & Backup screens.


Codenames is an accessible word and party game with challenging gameplay that’s simple yet hard to master. Giving clues that help your teammates identify multiple cards requires mental dexterity – once got, it can be immensely satisfying!

The 2016 Spiel des Jahres winner is essential to any board game collection. Offering multiple ways of play and accommodating a range of player counts, it can easily be taught to children and adults alike.

This medium-sized box contains the rules, sand timer, and 200 double-sided codename cards with red and blue icons arranged in an array. In addition, there are 40 critical cards with four orientations and numerous innocent bystander and assassin cards.

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