Chinese Lunch Specials in Jersey City


This East Village spot, boasting sleek wooden planks covered in blonde hues, showcases Hunan cuisine. Their menu offers an eclectic combination of Sichuan, Hunan, and Chinese American fare like egg foo young and brisket mei fun dishes to tempt diners’ taste buds.

Noodles are iconic in China, from fast noodles at 7/11 stores to hand-pulled Lanzhou noodles served at sit-down restaurants. Dumplings are also widely eaten; non-fried varieties, such as one medium steamed dumpling, contain just 40 calories!

Old Peking Restaurant

Old Peking Restaurant boasts an expansive Chinese menu with popular items like General Tso’s chicken and Mongolian beef in an inviting dining ambiance. They are an excellent choice for family meals or special events due to their quality cuisine, friendly service, and reasonable prices.

This restaurant, situated at 746 Montgomery Street in Jersey City, NJ, provides dine-in, takeout and delivery services. Their lunch special costs $7 per plate and offers entree, rice option, egg roll, and soda beverages as choices. In addition, a selection of noodle dishes and appetizers are provided as options.

Their Chinese cuisine is authentic and delectable, featuring classic and modern dishes. Specializing in spicy Sichuan cuisine with unique options like map tofu, flaming pork jowl, and kung pao chicken on their menu – don’t forget their exceptional Sichuan tea service, too!

Their lunch specials provide great value, featuring both soup and an entree, vegetarian options, beer, and wine, and their online ordering system for convenience before arriving at the restaurant.

Great Wall

The Great Wall, stretching 4,250 miles (6,700 km), is one of the world’s most iconic manmade structures. Built over centuries across northern China and stretching 4,250 miles (6,700 km), its design stands the test of time and remains in excellent condition today.

The Wall’s longevity is due to an uncommon mortar: glutinous rice flour, commonly called “sticky rice.” This starch-based substance provides waterproof protection while being strong enough to hold together bricks – plus, amylopectin contained within this starch-based substance helps prevent weeds from sprouting between stones – making maintenance easy for conservationists who aim to maintain an untouched look for the Wall.

Still, its construction hasn’t prevented erosion. Some sections have entirely vanished into the earth; this has become an ever-increasing problem on the Great Wall since being exposed to weather and war damage for so long. Sometimes, entire sections have fallen victim to nature and sometimes to human meddling or poor workmanship, leaving thousands dead along its route.

Salt and Ginger

Salt and Ginger is located in downtown Jersey City and features an assortment of options that range from soup dumplings to lo mein. Their casual counter-serve setting makes the restaurant an excellent choice for lunch takeout; plus, they have noodles and other classic Chinese dishes available for sit-in dining!

Enrich your meal’s nutrients and flavor by ordering extra vegetables. Most American-Chinese cuisine comes with a sauce that can be high in sugar, fat, and calories; try ordering your dish without sauce so that you can regulate how much spice is consumed.

Many Chinese restaurant entrees are battered and deep fried, which can add extra fat and calories. Instead, opt for steamed dishes or water-velveted meals – both can give the same texture and taste without the additional fat and calories – plus, you may request smaller portions as this reduces overall caloric intake. Water-velveting may also minimize oil usage for stir-fries – making this method an attractive option if reducing carbohydrate or sodium consumption is essential to you.

Ling Long Xuan

Ling Long Xuan, located directly across from Brennan Courthouse in Jersey City, is a newcomer to its Chinese food scene. They offer lunch specials such as wonton soup, hot and sour soup, egg drop soup, and entrees like white, brown, and fried rice and soup dumplings, noodles, and egg rolls! Plus delivery and online ordering services.

The restaurant features a spacious, bright space with floor-to-ceiling windows and simple decor, making it an ideal spot for lunch or dinner with friends. Their extensive and varied menu offers classic American fare such as General Tso’s chicken, dishes from Sichuan and Northeast Chinese regions, and more unusual options like dried sauteed squid head or frog with hot peppers – offering something delicious for every palate.

For something different, they offer a selection of noodles and dumplings popular with locals and tourists alike – their soup dumplings being particularly delectable! Plus they have friendly and welcoming staff as well as competitive prices!

This restaurant provides exceptional Chinese cuisine and an expansive menu of drinks and desserts, including its world-famous iced tea and numerous fruit-based beverages. Their service is fast and attentive, plus they also offer catering services for small parties or events.