Elevate Your Dining Experience With the Pizza Wedge


Elevate your pizza-making experience with precision slicing. Boasting sharp and precise blades, this wedge effortlessly slices through ingredients for flawless slices every time.

Used with an EGGspander and convEGGtor Basket, wedges give your Big Green Egg an authentic brick oven setup by providing an easily accessible front opening that allows pizzas to slide in and out easily while keeping an eye on their progress. Fits only on a Large Green Egg.

Effortless Cutting

Make pizza easier to cut through with the sharp edge of a pizza wedge! Say goodbye to dull knives and elevate your dining experience by investing in this tool that makes a fantastic addition to any outdoor kitchen.

This pizza wedge is specifically designed for use on the Large Big Green Egg charcoal grill. It sits between its base and lid to provide a front opening that easily accommodates sliding pizzas into and out of your EGG, as well as monitoring them while they cook. Plus, its two cast aluminum wedges make them easy to handle and store away without rusting!

The pizza wedge can also be used for cutting flatbreads, quesadillas, and other foods that benefit from precise, sharp cutting tools, such as flatbread. Plus, its Big Green Egg logo makes this cutting tool an attractive addition to your outdoor kitchen and an essential companion for any pizza enthusiast!

Enjoy the legendary performance of a Big Green Egg on smaller patios and balconies with this medium-sized Big Green Egg, designed for use at low temperatures and offering enough cooking area to produce four steaks or chicken breasts at once. Ceramic cooking surfaces keep heat and moisture inside for delicious, juicily flavor-packed meats and stews at any temperature setting, perfect for small get-togethers with friends and family.


High-quality pizza slicer for enthusiasts who appreciate precision. Ideal for slicing pizza, pie, and other baked goods this stainless steel wedge features an oversized soft grip handle for comfort while maintaining control and ease of use. Crafted with durable yet high-grade materials this pizza wedge is dishwasher safe for easy cleanup after each use.

The EGGcessories Pizza Wedge is an essential accessory for anyone who enjoys using an EGG to cook pizza, calzones, and flatbreads. This essential tool elevates the baking experience and helps achieve perfect pizza slices while protecting the crust from burning while maintaining an optimal stone temperature. Plus it comes in gift-worthy packaging; making a thoughtful present idea!

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Easy to Clean

Combining it with an EGGspander convEGGtor Basket and convEGGtor, the Pizza Wedge transforms your Large Big Green Egg into an authentic brick oven pizza setup. The Pizza Wedge’s convenient front opening makes sliding pizzas, flatbreads, or other baked goods in and out easier, providing full visibility during cooking so you can ensure they reach their optimal level of doneness.

Once finished baking, simply open the dome, remove wedges, and set them on a heat-resistant surface to cool before closing your dome again with the use of your EGGulator/draft door system to maintain desired temperatures for cooking.

The sharp, precise edge of a pizza wedge makes creating perfect pizza easy every time. Additionally, its multifunctionality can also help cut flatbreads, quesadillas, and other foods requiring precise cutting tools. Furthermore, this stainless steel pizza wedge is dishwasher-safe to make cleaning and maintenance much simpler!

Made for the EGG

Pizza can be as straightforward or complex as desired, but most often people crave an excellent crust and bubbly cheese. The best way to achieve these characteristics is with high-quality dough made from quality ingredients like Romano, Asiago, Parmesan, Dry Jack Provolone, or Gruyere cheeses. Shredded or sliced mozzarella remains one of the most popular toppings, but don’t be intimidated to explore other varieties such as Romano Asiago Parmesan Dry Jack Provolone or Gruyere cheeses as toppings!

For optimal pizza crust results, it is necessary to elevate the egg pizza stone so it cooks faster and more evenly. Many use three small terra cotta clay flower pots or the EGGspander as support; others utilize bricks. An alternate option available through Big Green Egg’s Pizza Wedge system provides another solution, easily fitting inside their Large Big Green Egg to allow pizzas in and out more easily.

Once your pizza is in the Egg, its temperature must remain consistent throughout its baking. An infrared thermometer is an invaluable asset when grilling pizza; it instantly measures its internal temperature.

For making pizza on a grill, the BGE is an excellent option due to its ceramic dome which facilitates indirect heating at an oven-like temperature. To begin making pizza, start your charcoal, add your plate setter and convEGGtor Basket (or three fire bricks with another plate setter containing another grate and pizza stone in it), once your desired temperature has been achieved by plate setter place your grate overtop of it and your pizza on it!