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Fisher Funeral Home’s compassionate staff can assist in all funeral service arrangements, from casket selection and cost estimation to funeral etiquette, cremation options, and preplanning assistance.

Under the Funeral Rule, funeral homes must provide a general price list to anyone requesting one, providing critical information about funeral services while protecting consumers from being deceived or exploited during times of grieving.


Funeral homes provide a place for people to mourn the loss of someone dear while also serving as places where those who have passed can be laid to rest. No matter if it be planning for future services or paying respects to those who have already died, finding help with funeral home Warsaw, Ohio services, or preplanning an obituary service, it can also help guide you through these processes while offering comfort for family members and offering guidance throughout. You can locate funeral homes near your area by searching the internet; once found, you can schedule an appointment and discuss funeral service details further with staff at that funeral home in Warsaw, Ohio, where the team will guide and support all aspects of funeral planning from start to finish including preplanning and obituaries while staff handles all aspects including services preplanning and obituaries before their services commence. Once located, you can schedule an appointment and discuss funeral service specifics directly.

Fisher Funeral Home Obituaries in Coshocton County has offered comprehensive funeral services for years. Their experienced and professional staff strives to provide professional yet compassionate assistance when planning services to commemorate a life.

Funeral services will be held Wednesday morning, June 15, at 11:00 a.m. at Fischer Funeral Home in Warsaw, with Pastor Dave Kraft officiating. Burial will follow at Valley View Cemetery in Warsaw; visitation will run from 5-7 Tuesday night.

Jim was raised in the Clarksburg/Chillicothe area of southern Ohio. He enjoyed hunting, fishing, and spending time with his family. Jim will be missed by everyone he knows.

Weldon Fisher Funeral Home of Portsmouth, Virginia, is a family-owned funeral home offering comprehensive funeral and cremation services, from traditional to competitively priced cremations. Their staff of dedicated funeral professionals is there to support families through difficult times; Weldon Fisher is well-connected in the local community with knowledge in all aspects of funeral planning.

Funeral Service

Fisher Funeral Home & Cremation Service has long been providing funeral services. Their family-run business offers various options tailored to each family, such as burial plans, casket selection, funeral arrangements, and memorial service planning – not to mention veteran services like urn selection and military funeral planning. Their experienced team can guide them through this challenging period in life.

They specialize in traditional funerals and affordable cremations, providing quality service with personalized attention from start to finish. Their staff has been professionally trained in handling every aspect of the funeral process.

Coshocton Funeral Home boasts two large viewing rooms that can seat up to 150 people, offering pre-planning and grief support for its customers. Their directors have more than four decades of experience.

Linda Hayes of Perry Chapel Baptist Church. Jerry is survived by his wife of 45 years, Linda; children Gerri Parks, Pat Kyle, and Donnie Kyle (from Missouri) and their grandchildren Ashley Hamilton and Brock Hamilton; his brother Jerry Hayes, who lives nearby; and many nieces and nephews.

Funerals can be costly and distressful, but finding the ideal funeral home will simplify the process. Trustworthy providers offering excellent value will make funeral planning much more straightforward – in addition to providing high levels of service, they should also be honest with you about the costs involved.

Traveling to a funeral home can be emotionally taxing when mourning the death of a loved one. Decisions you need to make could leave you feeling helpless and uncertain about where they can turn for assistance; to avoid this, contact a funeral director early on during your grieving process.


Fisher Funeral Home of Coshocton, Ohio, provides affordable funeral services and cremations, preplanning services to honor family wishes during mourning periods, and memorial service decisions such as selecting a casket or grave marker, selecting burial location, and choosing funeral service arrangements. The Fisher Funeral director can help make these decisions with you for optimal peace of mind.

When planning the funeral of a loved one, costs can often be an essential consideration. Your funeral director can offer guidance regarding these costs and options for memorial flowers and urns.

Funeral homes must adhere to the guidelines set by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), such as providing customers with clear and accurate price details over the phone upon request. Failing to comply could result in an FTC complaint.

Fischer Funeral Home has long been offering funeral services within 2.5 miles of Warsaw’s city center. Their professional funeral directors offer guidance in burial etiquette, memorial modification services, creating online guestbooks and sharing your loved one’s story, and cremation services and burial plots.

This company strives to offer families an affordable service while upholding the highest levels of quality and integrity. Their staff are well-trained professionals with years of experience working within this industry, while their urn vaults are designed to keep loved ones’ ashes safe and secure. Furthermore, a spacious showing room is available for funeral service presentations.

Our facility is open Monday to Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. and features two viewing rooms and a chapel seating 250. Our funeral director can help you select an appropriate funeral package and cemetery site for the memorial service of a loved one.


Fisher Funeral Home of Coshocton County offers extensive funeral services, from traditional burials to budget cremations. Their experienced staff is on hand to guide you through all available options during a difficult time and answer any of your questions about planning or preplanning services. They even offer preplanning services so they can answer any queries regarding prearrangement processes that arise.

Funerals can be costly, and arranging one can be stressful, with consumers often not understanding all aspects of funeral industry complexities and becoming susceptible to being deceived or taken advantage of. To protect consumers, The Funeral Rule mandates that funeral homes disclose all prices over the phone to safeguard consumers from being scammed or overcharged.

Losing someone close can be heartbreaking, but by planning, you can lessen their suffering during this emotional time. Preplanning your funeral can ensure your wishes are followed and save money by paying now instead of later.

If you are planning a visit to Fisher Funeral Home, bring flowers with you to show support and that you care. There is a selection of bouquets and wreaths made with high-quality materials that will look beautiful at their service; our florists at Fisher Funeral Home will help find an arrangement perfect for your loved one’s memorial service.