Flourchild Pizzeria Opens in Downtown Muskegon


Flourchild will debut its menu of contemporary American pizza on Friday at 722 N. Milwaukee Street – taking over where Distil once stood.

Customers can download the free app for online ordering and exclusive benefits at this restaurant, offering an impressive variety of pizzas and other food items.

East Coast

Third Coast Pizza in Prague is Prague’s inaugural Detroit-style pizzeria. After softly opening its doors through pop-ups and weekend hours during the summer of 2016, Third Coast finally had enough dough accumulated to open its full doors for business on November 6. Their story goes beyond creating delicious pizza; it also involves community involvement and entrepreneurial ambition – it began in an MBA classroom and will continue its narrative one slice at a time.

East Coast pizza is more traditional, made with marinara sauce, mozzarella cheese, and an array of toppings; it is often associated with American households. West Coast pizza differs significantly; often featuring more imaginative creations with less grease, and often not using marinara sauce as the primary sauce ingredient.

Third Coast has quickly established itself as one of Muskegon’s premier pizza spots despite being relatively new on the scene. Since taking over Wolfies Pizza and Subs last summer, their owners have been busy serving fresh pies with an unconventional flair to customers who love them! Third Coast uses only high-quality ingredients for each pie made and their crust is thin, crispy, and perfectly charred while their toppings offer something fresh and innovative – perfect for an on-the-go meal or any celebration occasion!

West Coast

When most people think of pizza, East Coast style comes to mind. With a long tradition and recognition throughout the nation, its distinct flavor often includes marinara sauce, large slices, and mozzarella cheese; its thin, crispy crust often features subtle charring.

Third Coast Pizza Co. made its debut last summer by taking over Wolfies Pizza and Subs at 420 South Wolf Lake Road. Owners Alyssa and Jeremy Smith bring delicious handcrafted pizzas with their distinct flare to serve the community.

West Coast-style pizzas offer more unique varieties with toppings ranging from barbecue, alfredo, and pesto sauces – guaranteeing you’ll get something perfect every time! They make for delicious creations sure to please every palette.

Specialty Pizzas

Third Coast Pizza has quickly become one of Muskegon’s favorite pizza spots since opening last summer. Owned and run by Alyssa and Jeremy Smith, Third Coast Pizza quickly made an impression first impression upon opening at their former Wolfies Pizza and Subs location at 420 S Wolf Lake Rd, Muskegon. Their delectable pizzas, delicious sandwiches, and tasty salads & desserts have proven extremely popular with residents; not to mention they provide fair pricing and offer free cheesecake on birthdays!


Third Coast Pizza of Muskegon opened earlier this summer to much fanfare, offering handcrafted pizzas and fresh subs with its distinctive flair. Owners Alyssa and Jeremy Smith quickly established themselves as local favorites by taking over what used to be Wolfies Pizza & Subs’ space and quickly established themselves as Third Coast’s successor.

Third Coast Pizza Rewards app is free to download and allows users to quickly place an order, earn rewards, and experience exclusive benefits that are only available via this platform. Plus, its user-friendly interface makes using it even simpler!

No matter whether your preference lies with New York-style, Chicago-style, or Detroit pizzas, the Third Coast Pizza app provides the ideal way to satisfy cravings. Offering convenient online ordering and rewards systems with every order placed through it, this must-have app for pizza lovers is effortless to use and clearly outlines how your data will be utilized by its developers – it even accommodates two people per pizza!