Specialty coffee buyers


Coffee lovers do like to enjoy a cup of specialty coffee blend. It is usually a blend of coffee beans that originates on a farm, promoting and implementing ethical sourcing. That means ensuring fair compensation for coffee farmers and environmentally responsible practices, so if you see “holistic” coffee, you should know it was made ethically. The distributors of such coffee have trade connections with several farms and several types of customers, meaning your favorite coffee shop might first find a distributor like Fest Coffee Mission to try some new coffee blends. If you want to know who else might buy specialty coffee, there are two more customer groups: micro-roasters and craft coffee companies, which emphasize ethical sourcing and sustainability. Here’s a more detailed explanation of these two customer groups:

Micro-roasters are small-scale coffee roasting businesses that operate on a boutique level, often roasting in small batches to maintain close control over the roasting process. They pride themselves on offering high-quality, artisanal coffee that is meticulously roasted to bring out the unique flavors and characteristics of the coffee beans. Some key attributes of micro-roasters include:

  • These roasters typically use manual or small-batch equipment to achieve precise and consistent roasts. The attention to detail allows them to cater to the nuanced preferences of their clientele.
  • Micro-roasters often establish direct relationships with coffee farmers or cooperatives, promoting fair trade practices and fostering sustainable partnerships.
  • Micro-roasters frequently offer single-origin coffees, showcasing the distinct characteristics of coffee grown in specific geographic regions.
  • They experiment with different roast profiles to highlight each coffee variety’s unique flavors and aromas, aiming to bring out the best in each bean.
  • Many micro-roasters cater to a local or regional customer base, participating in farmers’ markets, pop-up events, and local cafes to connect with their community.

Craft coffee Companies encompass a broader category of coffee businesses that prioritize artisanal approaches to coffee, often incorporating various aspects of coffee production and brewing. Here are some characteristics of craft coffee companies:

  • They focus on innovation and creativity in all aspects of their business, from sourcing and roasting to brewing and presentation.
  • Some craft coffee companies engage in the entire coffee value chain, from sourcing and roasting green coffee beans to operating cafes or retail outlets, offering a holistic coffee experience.
  • They often offer seasonal blends or limited edition coffees, keeping their offerings fresh and exciting.
  • Many craft coffee companies prioritize education for their staff and customers to promote understanding the nuances of coffee and brewing methods.
  • Craft coffee companies pay attention to the presentation of their products, from packaging to the serving experience, creating a visually appealing and memorable customer experience.

Micro-roasters and craft coffee companies play a vital role in promoting specialty coffee and elevating the coffee culture by celebrating the diverse flavors and stories behind each cup of coffee.

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