The Kris Blade Butterfly Knife


Purchasers of knives must abide by all relevant federal, state, and local laws regarding possession and ownership. Check out the Best info about the Kris Blade butterfly knife.

Kris blades are rare and valuable; collectors pay enormous sums for them. Since creating such intricate blades requires many steps and processes, their collectors typically pay top dollar.

Blade Length

As opposed to traditional knife blades, which tend to end abruptly, the Kris knife’s unique wavy shape allows it to have more cutting edges within its overall length and penetrate deeper than straight blades – thus making it a formidable weapon suitable for self-defense and jungle survival.

Closed, this camo handle butterfly knife measures only 5.25 inches when closed – easily concealable in your pocket or gear bag. A latch on its bite handle keeps this Kris blade balisong secure during transport, an essential feature when dealing with dangerous situations requiring immediate action, such as military missions where quick weapon deployment could save lives.

Venom Zhandou Cobra Balisong Butterfly Knives feature top-quality materials and hand craftsmanship for reliable performance and balance, including their signature Venom Kris blade made with top quality materials and craftsmanship for reliable performance and balance. Their curved blade makes perfect sense when learning butterfly skills, with extra handle bushings so that practice continues without interruption. Plus, this model comes complete with a nylon sheath for convenient carry – with one-of-a-kind durability designed into each Venom kris blade, they also feature locking thumb studs on smooth handles snag free handles! Plus! Additionally, this knife also comes equipped with locking thumb studs on soft handles to ensure successful practice sessions!

Blade Material

Stealth is critical when traversing through jungle environments or conducting covert operations in tropical climates, and this hidden butterfly knife conceals a sharp blade within its black-and-green handle for added safety. At only 5.5 inches in length, this compact butterfly knife fits easily in any jacket pocket or gear bag, and its latch allows it to remain securely shut and safe while in motion.

Cold Steel’s Kris-style knife provides an ideal way to test out flipping abilities without taking on double-edged balisongs, offering a fully satin-finished four-inch Kris blade with phosphorous bronze washers that help dampen vibrations for a buttery smooth action when opening and closing it.

The blade is constructed from high-performance CPM S35VN steel for an impressively sharp and durable finish, featuring five undulations evenly spaced along its four-inch length, followed by an undulated median ridge to create a symmetrical design. However, its shape often leads to confusion with what are appropriately known as Dragon’s Breath Knives with their wild shapes that recall dragon breath.

Handle Material

Handles on Kris Blade Butterfly Knifes typically feature high-grade materials and are designed for comfort when held. Many of the best models feature lightweight yet sturdy titanium handles with sleek finishes for an exceptional feel in the hand.

The highest quality Kris blade butterfly knives are often handmade by skilled makers. Newer models may feature high-tech finishes, while older pieces may have aged and distressed looks for an authentic feel. There are also often multiple color options to add some flair.

Suppose you’re considering buying a Kris blade butterfly knife. In that case, various options on the market might suit you perfectly – some are affordable enough for beginners, while others might be intended more as collectible pieces. But no matter which you select, always be mindful of the quality of the handle material before making your choice.

The Kris Blade is an increasingly popular blade profile in balisongs due to its superior cutting, slashing, piercing, and inflicting capabilities for severe internal stab wounds. These qualities make the Kris Blade ideal for self-defense or jungle survival applications.


The butterfly knife features a durable and corrosion-resistant stainless steel Kris blade designed for inflicting internal wounds while stabbing. Additionally, its handles boast dark blue and black speckled patterns reminiscent of glacial ice for an aesthetic that makes this unique Batangas knife great for outdoor survival, self-defense, or butterfly-flipping tricks.

This Arctic-themed balisong from Venom is an exceptional artisan piece. Crafted by hand without the use of CNC or waterjet machines, this hand-crafted piece includes extra handle bushings for convenience as well as a nylon sheath for safekeeping. An invaluable weapon to hone butterfly skills.

No matter where your hunting takes you, this camouflage kris blade butterfly knife is an invaluable asset. Crafted of AEB-L steel – prized by custom knife makers for its superior toughness and hardness – its blade comes equipped with the blasted finish and rounded chamfers to allow for easy flipping action and comfortable gripping, while at 5.25 inches compact size, it makes this camouflaged knife easy to carry or conceal.