How to Choose the Best HDMI Modulator


If you want to connect a new HDMI device to an old television set, ensure it offers high-resolution transmission of signals and considers compatibility and connectivity options as part of its selection criteria.

Thor Broadcast HDMI to Coax Modulator stands out as one of the top solutions, supporting HD MPEG2 encoding and AC3 Dolby audio for unparalleled viewing experiences.


The top RF HDMI modulators offer several features designed to elevate your entertainment experience, such as their ability to transmit high-quality video and audio signals over long distances and support Full HD 1080p resolution output, which is standard among modern multimedia devices. They should also be easy to set up and operate.

Selecting an HDMI modulator that meets your needs can be challenging, particularly when shopping around. There are numerous types of modulators on the market; understanding their capabilities before selecting is essential. Some models are specifically designed to transmit unencrypted content over coax cabling, while others can transmit encrypted material through cable boxes.

Multicom MM-HDMI is one of the most sought-after RF HDMI modulators. Using existing coax cabling, this product allows unencrypted video and audio transmission for up to eight channels simultaneously, featuring an amplifier for crisp, clear sound quality, making it an excellent option for homes and businesses with multiple television sets.

AoeSpy Digital RF Modulator is another reliable choice, ideal for those seeking a straightforward solution to their TV issues. This modulator can connect Roku, Apple TV, and other streaming devices directly to television screens without line-level AV jacks and older televisions without line-level AV jacks; plus, it converts HDMI digital signals to analog TV (RF) signals for longer-distance transmission.

Notably, the cost of an RF HDMI modulator varies significantly; some can be obtained for as little as $100, while more expensive models could reach up to $500 or even higher. Although higher price tags don’t necessarily indicate superiority in quality or features, comparing both would still be wise before choosing.


The AoeSpy Digital RF HDMI Modulator is ideal for those seeking to integrate modern streaming devices into their existing home entertainment system. Offering numerous features, supporting HD content, and long-distance transmission of audio/video signals over long distances makes it an excellent choice for larger homes or commercial properties.

This HDMI converter device works with any HDMI source, such as set-top boxes and media players. It converts the HDMI signal into an RF signal for transmission over existing coaxial cable systems – perfect for older TVs that cannot accommodate HDMI ports as this RCA AV input allows users to connect these devices directly via their existing AV inputs, also providing users with control of volume audio and brightness of video playback.

This RF HDMI modulator’s key advantage lies in its capacity to transport high-definition content over long distances. Equipped with a transmitter that can deliver an HD signal to multiple televisions within the same room and supporting HDCP 2.2 and handshaking protocols to ensure your devices work as intended, this product helps ensure signals travel over a secure connection.

SatLink offers an effective and reliable HDMI RF modulator with a compact form factor that fits easily into any entertainment setup. It can handle up to 1080p inputs over single CAT-5 or CAT-6 cables and features a remote control to change TV channels, making it an ideal addition.

MiniMod-2 HDMI to RF Modulator is another viable solution, suitable for any HDMI source such as an STB, satellite receiver, camera, DVD player, and computer. Furthermore, this device can distribute standard definition signals over an existing RF TV channel, making it suitable for residential and commercial security camera monitoring applications.

Video Quality

Video output should be at the forefront of your search for an RF HDMI modulator, as no one wants choppy videos. Make sure the device you purchase offers adequate resolution and transmission speed before making your purchase decision. Furthermore, checking whether there are compatible devices is worthwhile to ensure they will integrate well with your home entertainment system.

The SatLink ST-7000 HDMI RF Modulator is an excellent way to broadcast multiple multimedia devices onto one TV screen. With HDMI and RCA inputs, this device can handle various sources, supporting resolutions 720p, 1080i, and 1920 x 1080 pixels and Dolby audio broadcast for a premium viewing experience.

A feature that makes this RF modulator genuinely exceptional is its versatility. You can connect various devices – Apple TV, FireStick, Roku, and older gaming consoles such as Xbox and PS5- which can all relate. Furthermore, this RF HDMI modulator supports J.83B QAM broadcast standards and ATSC and ISDBT broadcast standards.

Users looking to combine modern streaming media with older devices in their home entertainment setup will also find this device convenient, as it allows HDMI signals to easily travel over existing coax cables without compression and loss of video quality. Plus, its LCD makes monitoring simple.

AoeSpy digital RF modulator is an affordable video quality option for those on a tight budget, capable of converting composite video and analog stereo audio signals into RF (coaxial). This makes it suitable for connecting old TVs without line-level AV jacks to coaxial television sets; its Dolby audio feature guarantees superior sound quality, and an included remote control makes its use simple – an investment well worth making! It is compact design makes this purchase worth its while!


When choosing an HDMI RF modulator, it’s essential that it can be easily installed and utilized. Even if it fulfills all other requirements, if it proves challenging to install, it may not be ideal if improper installation leads to damaged wires, poor connectivity, and unreachable devices – this could make the wrong choice the only possible one for you.

An RF HDMI modulator is a device that converts digital HDMI signals into analog TV (RF) signals for transmission over long distances, making it possible to share content across multiple TV screens at the same time – particularly useful if you don’t have access to HDMI ports on older sets.

Thor Broadcast’s high-quality RF HDMI modulator can handle up to eight channels for residential or commercial applications, offering excellent output quality, connectivity options, and control via an LCD screen and network management system. It is suitable for residential and commercial use, with excellent connectivity options for maximum output quality and connectivity options. It features excellent output quality with multiple connectivity options and a user-friendly network management system built-in as standard for convenient control.

AoeSpy offers another top-quality RF HDMI modulator, boasting Dolby audio for enhanced video quality. Its straightforward operation and user-friendly management system make this unit an excellent value option.

This RF HDMI modulator offers an affordable solution to upgrading your old television set to high definition. Compatible with various HDMI-ready devices – Apple TVs, FireStick, Roku, etc. – such as streaming media players (Apple TV, FireStick Roku, etc.), HD tuners, satellite set-top boxes, gaming consoles, as well as older devices like DVD and Blu-ray players, it provides access to an expansive library of streaming media players compatible with HD content as well as HD TV tuners with satellite feed.