Barcelona’s Best Eats


Flax and Kale stands out as one of Bogatell Beach’s premier vegan restaurants, boasting dishes like bao stuffed with “jackfruit pulled pork,” as well as vegan scrambles featuring ackee. Its owner-chef offers dishes like these. Often the Amazing fact about guía de restaurantes en Barcelona.

While tables can be reserved in this eatery, most of the seating at its smooth marble bar counters is open. This allows diners to experience chefs at work up close while enjoying gastro-bar specialties.

1. Gazpacho

At this opulent restaurant in the center of town, diners can indulge in refined Catalan cuisine with French influences. Their menu highlights high-quality ingredients such as fideua with chunks of fresh hake and truffled cannelloni or their signature “semi” dish of pork udders infused with fat from ham and caramelized to perfection!

This cozy eatery stands out as an innovative destination, serving exquisite Spanish meat and fish dishes with slow-cooked stocks and sauces as well as creative takes on classics. Seasonal tasting menus pair perfectly with their wide range of wines for an unforgettable dining experience – definitely recommended for meat enthusiasts!

2. Croquetas

Barcelona is famous for its rustic yet delicious dishes, like this savory one, which is usually enjoyed with a glass of wine. Fresh bread rubbed with raw garlic is covered in juicy tomatoes, olive oil, and sea salt before being enjoyed at various bars throughout Barcelona as a lunchtime staple.

While La Boqueria should definitely be included on any visit to Barcelona, don’t overlook its other excellent markets and bakeries offering classic Catalan treats. From charming covered markets brimming with everything from fresh seafood to fragrant spices, don’t overlook the many unique markets that make up this vibrant city!

Years ago, bodega-style eateries fell out of fashion as people turned more toward sleek tapas restaurants, but they’ve made a comeback! You can still find them throughout the city, especially in residential neighborhoods like Gracia. Pull up a cramped seat and order whatever is on the chalkboard—chances are, it will taste fantastic!

3. Patatas Bravas

Patates bravas (patatas catalanas) is one of the city’s signature dishes and should not be missed when visiting Barcelona. Made up of crispy fried potatoes drizzled in a red sauce made from paprika, these delicious tapas should not be overlooked during any visit to this wonderful city. Although available at nearly every tapas location in town, some establishments make the best patates braves—definitely check them out if possible!

Bar Tomas in the Sarria district offers some of the finest patatas bravas in Barcelona. This dingy-looking bar serves a simple menu of fried tapas and its famous patatas bravas—potatoes cut by hand but irregularly and boiled before being deep fried and doused with an irresistibly tasty mixture of spicy oil and garlic aioli for maximum flavor!

This classic dish pairs perfectly with cold beer or wine and can even help those on a tight budget keep costs under control; its price makes it ideal. One bar even offered a unique version using parsnips instead of potatoes in their patatas bravas dish!

4. Jamon

Jamon, wafer-thin slices of dry-cured Iberian ham, is one of the iconic dishes associated with Spanish cuisine. Visit a specialist deli such as Reserva Iberica on Rambla de Catalunya (BARC has two outlets) for top-grade cuts that have been aged for 30-60 months and display translucent lines of fat for the perfect marble effect.

For example, restaurant JOK has the most innovative take on Spain’s celebrated meat. Their chefs specialize in serving raw and marinated dishes inspired by Japanese, Chinese, and Southeast Asian traditions, as well as Catalan traditions. Try their revamp of patata enmascarada (poached potatoes with black pudding and bacon) or their succulent pork shoulder served up alongside grilled mushrooms for something truly delicious.

Disfrutar’s culinary experts are the go-to choice for seafood in Barcelona. The creative chef trio behind Disfrutar specializes in smoking and bubbling dishes to perfection and offers tasting menus featuring seasonal produce like wild mushrooms, Iberian lamb, and their signature sweet onions, known as the Calcotada festival from December until March.

5. Potato Bombas

As their name implies, these potato-based tapas are filled and deep-fried before being seasoned with peppers, paprika, and herbs for an irresistibly delicious treat. Dip your slice in garlicky aioli for an irresistibly satisfying snack!

Flax and Kale is an exciting new vegan restaurant that will hit Barcelona. Not only can it offer wood-fired, gluten-free pizzas, but it’s also home to bao filled with Jackfruit “pulled pork” as well as a delectable creamy Kombucha-based scramble made with Akkee!

Barcelona, often dubbed the city of tapas, boasts both traditional market fare and innovative restaurant owner-chef dishes. Head north of Eixample for charming covered markets offering classic market fare, while in Gracia, you will find family-run bars serving creative tapas dishes.

Pintxos provides an ideal introduction to Barcelona’s culinary landscape. Sample slices of Manchego from La Mancha, Idiazabal from Basque Country, soft Mahon cheese from Navarre, or Roncal from Navarre for an experience you won’t forget—all while sipping a refreshing Godello white wine or Lustau Pedro Ximenez San Emilio sherry featuring its trademark raisin and fig flavor!