Fashion Brands Giving Back For Pride 2023


As part of Pride 2023 celebrations, The North Face is making large donations from their capsule collections’ sales to LGBTQIA+ organizations, while other brands partner with queer actors and artists or contribute in different ways.

Calvin Klein collaborated with actors Amandla Stenberg and Brandon Flynn to launch its “This Is Love” campaign, featuring comfortable cotton underwear sets with rainbow hues to mix and match for maximum impact.

Alice Butts Tie-Dyed Mesh Shirt

Target annually releases a Pride collection in June that has generated controversy. This year’s lineup included “tuck friendly” swimsuits for transgender people as well as mugs that read “gender fluid.” Due to these products being displayed prominently at front-of-store locations in rural parts of the South, several stores were instructed to relocate them away from being displayed directly behind them, but online sales remain.

Alice Butts, of Brooklyn-based designer, is offering up a cute yet understated mesh shirt for Pride season, featuring rainbow flag-colored patterning that you can wear under any top for added support and color. Furthermore, its light binding effect makes it more supportive – particularly useful for larger-chested ladies!

Alice Butts also offers this adorable nonbinary jumpsuit in muted orange with a small Pride patch for some added flare. Crafted of cotton-rayon blend material for maximum comfort when the temperature rises.

Ash & Chess has released another Pride-themed tee from their signature range: Support Trans Futures! A simple statement that speaks volumes, this shirt from soft cotton blend fabric keeps cool all summer and retails for $16.

Ash & Chess Support Trans Futures Short Sleeve Shirt

Ash & Chess’ black trans-flag-colored tee is both an eye-catcher and an act of charity for the LGBTQ community. A portion of its proceeds will be donated to Avenues for Youth’s ConneQT Host Home program, which supports LGBTQ youth looking for safe and affordable housing solutions.

T-shirts from Austin-based brand The Good Society feature slogans such as “Be Gay Take a Nap,” “Trans People Will Always Exist,” and “Gender Roles Are Dead.” Additionally, there’s also a collection dedicated to Black Lives Matter that features T-shirts perfect for fighting patriarchy or queer anarchy.

Kiernan Dunn of, Minneapolis-based artist and zine maker is another way you can show your support for trans communities with his short-sleeved crewneck shirt featuring illustrations of genderqueer women, trans people, and other queer characters – such as his “genderqueer mesh-wearing, french fry lover, leather daddy-in-training Satan is OK dude” cartoonist!

Nordstrom has long been a strong supporter of LGBTQ individuals and organizations, offering Pride-themed collections and making donations to LGBT organizations in the US. This year, however, they’re taking an unconventional approach by emphasizing LGBTQ-owned or founded brands like Boy Smells (an iconic candle brand disrupting gender norms), TomboyX (gender-neutral underwear for women), and K.NGSLEY (genderless apparel with an emphasis on reclaiming Black, femme and queer bodies).

Decolonizing Fitness offers a t-shirt featuring Illya’s illustrations for Decolonizing Fitness, a social justice movement providing affirming fitness services and apparel for members of the LGBTQIA+ community. Crafted of cotton blend material, it should remain comfortable on any Pride parade route or brunch outing with friends.

The PHLUID Project Trans Pride Trans Power T-Shirt

Phluid Project offers apparel and accessories produced in-house that cater specifically to gender-nonconforming people, offering them a unique perspective on Pride. While they recognize WorldPride and Stonewall 50 celebrations may be complicated for some LGBTQAI+ people to join, their goal is to remain present throughout the year as an open community hub that combats homophobia and transphobia,” according to founder Fran Smith. They don’t just sell products–they want to provide support services that ensure everyone feels included and safe.”

Pride-season offerings from this company include T-shirts and bras adorned with rainbow tie dye gradients; proceeds benefiting Ali Forney Center and LGBT advocacy organization AIDS United. In addition, their first anniversary as NYC Pride’s official retail partner included donations to the homelessness and black transgender women fund, Marsha P Johnson Institute, and Pose actress Indya Moore’s COVID-19 relief fund.

New Balance has designed a limited-edition Pride edition of their 327 model with faded cobalt and rainbow accents inspired by Gilbert Baker’s flag, while Williams-Sonoma collaborated with The Trevor Project to produce mugs, candles, and spatulas that support this crisis counseling nonprofit.

Pink House Alchemy joined with the It Gets Better Project to offer the Dancing Diva Cocktail Kit featuring their pH Hibiscus Rose Syrup, Pineapple Flowers Bitter, and Coral Reef Shrub and donated 15% of sales proceeds from each kit sold back to them as donations for Pride month; PopSockets offered rainbow-themed popsocks that gave 20% of proceeds directly back to them during June sales.

FLAVNT Streetwear Girls & Gays & Theys T-Shirt

FLAVNT of Austin is an industry powerhouse when it comes to queer fashion. Established by Courtney and Chris Rhodes, their shirts feature gender-bending messages that feel both provocative and inspirational, making their designs versatile enough for Pride celebrations or not.

Revel & Riot, a non-profit run by members of the LGBTQIA+ community, benefits from proceeds of this t-shirt sales to fund Revel & Riot, with proceeds going toward funding trans futures projects such as Revel & Riot’s trans-Futures T-Shirt, which features a rainbow flag with the phrase “Support Trans Futures.” It is perfect for Pride season but excellent all summer long, too.

ManyManyMoonsAgo offers another t-shirt that honors the LGBTQIA+ community with this design from the LGBT-owned brand ManyManyMoonsAgo. This piece pays homage to some of our favorite figures like Audre Lorde and Gloria Anzaldua while featuring recycled fabric created using green practices printed in sweatshop-free facilities.

As always, classic rainbow-colored shirts such as this one from Hackin’ Unicorn make for great options when selecting a gift for queer or non-binary friends. Crafted with soft cotton blend material for optimal comfort and offering sizes suitable for everyone – they make ideal additions to your closet!

Finally, we must mention Otherwild. Established in 2019, this queer t-shirt shop prioritizes ethics while showcasing individuals. Their sizes-inclusive styles make their product all the more desirable, not to mention they offer eco-conscious premium streetwear with gender-neutral designs!

As Pride approaches, we hope this article inspires you to shop for some new t-shirts – and maybe even some that make the world better! Don’t forget to put your money where your mouth is by supporting LGBTQIA+-owned brands offering inclusive sizes – plus, take a look at our Pride tips for more ideas!

Anjelica Colliard Shirt for Kids

These Pride-themed picks will have you feeling joyful and proud whether shopping for yourself or your children. From tees to swimwear and even rainbow-colored backpacks, the brands below honor the LGBTQ community with various products while giving back to charities or initiatives dedicated to LGBTQ.

Coach is widely celebrated for its luxurious purses, but it also stands as an advocate of inclusivity. Over time, they’ve provided support for LGBTQ communities by creating annual Pride collections and contributing to worldwide charity funds via The Coach Foundation. Now Coach is continuing its activism with gender-neutral footwear and apparel designed by queer South African designer Rich Mnisi that starts at $15, including rainbow-patterned Tazz Pridepops and all-gender Olympia Pride jackets – which makes for one empowering collection!

Nordstrom’s Pride collection this year takes an innovative approach, featuring collaborations with LGBTQ-founded and owned brands like Boy Smells (an iconic candle brand challenging gender norms) and TomboyX (gender-inclusive clothing and accessories for all bodies and needs). Furthermore, Nordstrom is giving back through their “Feel Seen. Feel Heard.” campaign to LGBTQ charities, including Trans Lifeline, Hetrick-Martin Institute, and Human Rights Campaign.

Smartwool creates outdoor gear that’s comfortable, durable, and friendly to the environment. Their new Pride collection includes the Active Ultralite Pride Graphic Tank: an eye-catching top featuring an alluring smiley face design as well as American Sign Language symbols representing peace and love. Each time this tank is sold, Smartwool will donate $10 to The Center on Colfax in Denver, which has been supporting LGBTQ people since 1976 – check out more from this brand here.