Forest Park Review – No Glove Nationals 2023


Forest Park Review is an in-depth news site focused on Forest Park, Illinois, and features in-depth coverage of issues within its borders. They feature a pullout section dedicated to the No Glove National 16-Inch Softball Tournament as part of this coverage.

The tournament stands out by playing without gloves – creating an intriguing challenge for players and an exhilarating spectacle for spectators alike! Hosted annually by Forest Park Park District.

What are the No Glove Nationals?

The No Glove Nationals softball tournament takes place annually in Forest Park, Illinois, and features a bracket-style double-elimination format over four days. Renowned for its competitive nature and use of non-glove play, this unique tournament provides both players and spectators alike with an exciting event to attend each year. Having started back in 1960 with only eight participants participating each time, now with over 60 and growing each year – its popularity only seems to increase!

In 1969, the inaugural No Glove Nationals tournament featured ten teams competing for victory. Maywood Agents took home the first prize by defeating Forest Park All-Stars on Labor Day weekend – winning by just one run! Since then, however, the tournament has continued to grow in size and prestige, becoming one of the premier events in 16-inch softball.

Forest Park’s No Glove Nationals tournament has become a beloved annual tradition and draws thousands of attendees each year. Boasting an extensive history of community engagement and featuring Forest Park to visitors from throughout the region, this tournament relies heavily on volunteers donating their time and efforts to make it such a success!

Food and drinks will be available throughout the tournament, as well as numerous games for both children and adults to enjoy. In addition, vendors sell merchandise and souvenirs during the day as well. Admission to this free tournament requires no tickets!

This tournament has become an annual highlight for visitors from across Chicagoland and has even made the cover of several magazines and newspapers. Additionally, its popularity has resulted in its museum: the Chicago 16-Inch Softball Hall of Fame – dedicated to honoring and preserving its legacy – housing thousands of artifacts related to softball’s past as well as historic photographs and memorabilia from prior tournaments as well as an interactive display where visitors can try out various bat types used for gameplay.

Why Attend the No Glove Nationals?

No Glove Nationals is more than a tournament featuring talented softball players; it is also an event treasured by residents and visitors of its host community, where people come together to watch games, celebrate the history of softball, and enjoy food and beer from vendors at this highly anticipated tournament. Over thousands of spectators attend, providing plenty of thrilling softball action!

The No Glove Nationals is an annual celebration of 16-inch slowpitch softball, an unrivaled game created in Chicago and beloved across the Midwest for decades. Fans from across the region gather each year for this exciting tournament that sees some of the finest teams compete for championship titles – it is an event to look forward to each year and an integral part of Forest Park’s rich history!

This year marks the tournament’s 50th Anniversary. It all began back in 1969 when ten local teams competed in an unnamed three-day “all-star tournament.” The Maywood Agents ultimately emerged victorious from that inaugural competition and have continued playing ever since.

Today, the No Glove Nationals is a four-day bracket-style tournament with double-elimination play. While no longer known as an All-Star Tournament, it still attracts some of the top softball teams from across the country and continues as an esteemed tradition in Forest Park, drawing players and spectators alike from across the Midwest region.

The tournament takes its name from its distinctive rules: players are not permitted to wear gloves during gameplay. This makes for a more complex, challenging, and exciting tournament experience that sets it apart from other tournaments. Without gloves, the game adds an extra element of skill and competitiveness not found elsewhere.

The No Glove Nationals provides Forest Park businesses and Forest Park visitors an opportunity to show off the town. Volunteers play a vital role at the tournament by working at concession tents; it’s an easy and fulfilling way to become involved in your community! As volunteer shifts can quickly fill up, don’t wait – sign up early!

How to Get to the No Glove Nationals

The No Glove Nationals tournament in Forest Park has long been an annual highlight, uniting residents and visitors for a weekend filled with food, softball action, and great company. It boasts over four decades of history and helps to showcase Forest Park to visitors from out of town. Furthermore, locals can join in and volunteer during this cherished tradition!

Forest Park Sports Complex hosts this four-day double elimination tournament every July at 7501 Harrison Street. Though not a professional softball tournament, its participants include some of the finest amateur players from around the country – making this event more engaging to spectators who must rely on skill and reflexes rather than gloves for making plays.

If you’re planning on attending the No Glove Nationals, be sure to visit their website for more details. They offer a complete schedule of games as well as information on the rules and history of the tournament. Plus, find out about food and beer vendors who will be on-site during tournament day!

The No Glove Nationals provides an exciting and unique way to experience Chicago’s favorite sport: softball. Admission for spectators is free, and there are ample places for them to watch all the action unfold. So make plans now to attend this year! If softball is something you enjoy watching or playing yourself, make plans now to attend Chicago’s No Glove Nationals tournament next year!

What to Expect at the No Glove Nationals

No Glove Nationals offers visitors and residents alike an abundance of activities and sights to experience during its three-day tournament, which is an annual tradition. Attracting residents as well as visitors alike, it serves as an excellent opportunity for food, beer, and softball games in an enjoyable atmosphere while simultaneously helping Forest Park businesses increase sales and build pride within the community.

The No Glove Nationals celebrate Chicago’s original 16-inch slowpitch softball, which was invented over 100 years ago and played without gloves for an exciting and challenging sports experience. Teams come from across the country for this unique tournament that has become a cherished annual tradition in Forest Park.

Visitors to the No Glove Museum can gain insight into the rich history of 16-inch softball and the many achievements of local players and teams. The museum showcases thousands of artifacts such as photographs, uniforms, baseball cards, handbills from past major tournaments, handbills from women’s leagues, African-American leagues, and industrial leagues; unique displays are also explicitly dedicated to each league type.

The No Glove Nationals is a volunteer-led event, dependent upon the support of residents and businesses to be successful. Anyone interested in volunteering should register early as shifts may fill up quickly – volunteers will receive a complimentary tournament t-shirt along with the fulfillment that comes from contributing to such an important community event!