How to Start a Remote Cleaning Business


Establishing a remote cleaning business from home is an excellent way to generate an income with minimal start-up costs and hassle. With the proper equipment, this venture can become a reliable and lucrative business opportunity.

MaidThis, for instance, boasts an operations team based out of Latin America.

Find a niche market.

If you’re starting a remote cleaning business, finding your niche market will help set you apart from competitors and increase the odds of success. To find yours, assess what pain points exist within your customer base before considering ways your services could address those problems. Once you know who your target audience is, start marketing them!

One effective strategy is networking with friends, family members, and acquaintances who might be interested in your business. You could also place flyers or advertisements online or within local companies.

Another way to create a niche market is to offer unique services or discounts – for instance, offering free maid service with your first booking or offering discounted services for returning customers will help attract new clients while building up your reputation.

Target a particular industry to find your niche market. For instance, if you specialize in commercial cleaning, target commercial office buildings. Otherwise, residential homes or vacation rental properties might work better as targets. By targeting one industry at a time, you’ll create loyal clients while making more money overall.

If you want a headstart in starting a cleaning company, purchasing a franchise could be your ticket to success. A franchise provides access to all the tools and resources necessary for running an efficient operation – including standard operating procedures and customer support – which will help avoid many of the mistakes other startups make as they learn how to expand their businesses.

As well as purchasing a franchise, it’s crucial that you understand the legal requirements of running your own business. You will require a business license and permits if any are needed, and hiring employees and conducting background checks – Crtain offers tools to speed this up to 80% faster!

Remote cleaning businesses offer an exciting alternative for those seeking a flexible or telecommuting arrangement; however, success requires hard work and perseverance from all involved.

Get organized

Building a cleaning business from scratch takes time, effort, and organization, but once your enterprise has reached this point, you should make real money from its services. To take the next step and expand, get organized and start advertising them as soon as possible.

An effective way to promote your cleaning business is through creating a website. Not only can this reach a broader audience, but potential clients can use it to familiarize themselves with your services before booking a cleaning appointment. In addition, listing it on business directories and lead-generation websites will increase its exposure.

Your business should create and update its social media account regularly to give it an engaging personal feel while showing customers you care about their satisfaction. Ask happy customers for reviews, which can then be posted online and via social media accounts.

Another way to market your cleaning business is through discounts and incentives designed to encourage repeat business. Since it is much more cost-effective to retain existing customers than to acquire new ones, try turning as many one-time clients into regular monthly or weekly customers as possible by offering discounts for the initial cleaning session or selling packages of 10-15 cleaning sessions.

As part of your business strategy, it is wise to form an entity to protect you from personal liability. Since you will likely be operating within people’s homes and offices, a higher chance exists that someone could get injured by you or one of your employees; to reduce this risk and protect yourself legally from personal liability issues by creating either a corporation or limited liability company is the solution.

Novagems provides another effective means of expanding your cleaning business: seamlessly managing its remote nature through software platforms like it. You’ll be able to monitor the work progress of your team members, manage finances more effectively, save time with time-saving features like team clock-in/out capabilities via smartphones, and track inventory so that when an order comes through, you know precisely which supplies will be needed.

Get the necessary permits and licenses.

If you’re considering starting your own cleaning business, you must understand which licenses and permits are necessary in your region to avoid legal complications later. Furthermore, it would be best to consider becoming bonded and insured, as this will protect against customer lawsuits filed against your organization.

Service contractor licenses are necessary for businesses that offer their services directly to the public. You may also require vendors and doing business as (DBA) permits that allow your business to use an alternative name than its legal one to avoid confusion among your clients.

Your cleaning business may also need a health permit if it involves working in medical or food establishments, as well as an environmental visa if its process includes chemicals or potentially hazardous materials.

Consider what type of insurance policies your cleaning business will need in terms of liability and workers’ compensation insurance policies, with specific needs depending on what services are offered – for instance, commercial cleaning businesses require different coverage than residential ones.

Starting a remote cleaning business can be challenging yet highly rewarding. The key is staying organized and communicating effectively with your team – an employee management system can be handy here, providing smooth workflow, more accessible record keeping, better communications, and seamless teamwork.

One of the most significant benefits of working remotely is expanding your hiring pool. This can be especially advantageous for companies that rely on customer service; however, you should make sure any in-person employees possess a clean background check; you can use tools like Crtain, which allow companies like Tesla, Shopify, and Deloitte to conduct criminal background checks up to 80% faster.


Starting a remote cleaning business requires marketing your services effectively. This can be accomplished in various ways, including word-of-mouth advertising and online promotion – with online promotion being particularly effective as it allows you to target specific audiences with ads more likely to lead to conversions.

Before beginning marketing your cleaning business, conducting market research is vitally important. This will allow you to identify your niche and target the appropriate clientele; additionally, identify competitors and how your cleaning company stands out; once this information has been gathered, you can create your marketing plan and begin advertising effectively.

Once you’ve identified a niche market, the next step should be launching your business. This can include creating a website or social media pages as a starting point, placing flyers around town, or using other promotional strategies – using various marketing techniques will help find your target audience and start making money!

One of the best ways to market a cleaning business is through customer referrals. Doing this will attract new clients while expanding your business. In addition, provide exceptional customer service so your clients will keep returning and referring you.

Keep on top of your bookkeeping! Doing this will ensure you remain compliant with tax laws while helping you make smarter business decisions. Software solutions are available to keep things organized and make running your business a lot simpler.

Establishing a cleaning business may seem daunting, but it’s achievable with the appropriate strategies and tactics. By following our tips above and being patient if there are setbacks, with perseverance, your cleaning business will quickly be successful!