Rent a Boat For a Day in Malta


Sailing around Malta is one of the best ways to experience its Mediterranean island terrain, giving you freedom and independence as you explore hidden coves, private beaches, and historical landmarks at your own pace. What do you consider about boat hire malta.

Rent a boat for a day malta in spring or autumn when the temperatures are milder and fewer tourists are around; a valid boating license will be necessary in order to enjoy a bareboat charter.


Malta’s Mediterranean waters are among the clearest in Europe, making it an ideal location to rent a boat for a day and explore its scenic beauty. Home to an array of natural landmarks like Blue Grotto with its caves – you can either witness this breathtaking natural phenomenon from land-based viewing points or take a boat tour for an up close and personal view!

Malta offers pleasant temperatures and manageable crowds during its shoulder seasons of spring and autumn, making boat rental easier. July and August also present opportunities, although summer may prove hotter.

Malta offers many different yacht rental options, and it provides plenty of choices for romantic or adventurous trips with family and friends. Rent a sailboat, motorboat, RIB boat, or captain to experience Malta’s crystal clear waters and historic landmarks—ideal if traveling without a valid boating license—as they act as tour guides while giving a more personal experience!


Malta’s tranquil waters offer plenty of opportunities for boat rentals, from day trips to more extended vacations. Explore hidden coves, private beaches, and historic landmarks while taking all necessary safety measures and packing the appropriate equipment before setting sail.

As soon as you’ve selected your rental company, be sure they follow stringent safety standards and provide all required equipment – including life jackets for passengers. Furthermore, please familiarize yourself with its layout and operation before venturing out on the water. Also, avoid anchoring on seagrass beds, never discard garbage overboard, and remember not to drop anchor on seagrass beds when anchoring offshore – these simple precautions will protect the delicate marine ecosystem so future generations may also enjoy Malta’s crystal waters!

Suppose you prefer not to navigate a vessel on your own. In that case, boat rentals with captains on board offer a more accessible experience for beginners or those wanting to relax and take in the scenery. Captains also make excellent tour guides and provide more security on the water than self-driving would allow.

Between April and November is an ideal time of year to rent a boat in Malta when temperatures are milder. Sunlight streams through, providing ample opportunities to bask in its warmth. These conditions offer ample opportunity to unwind on the water while making for relaxing experiences onboard your rental vessel.


Renting a boat in Malta is an ideal way to experience its breathtaking coastline while simultaneously experiencing freedom and adventure. Situated at the heart of the Mediterranean, Malta’s crystal-clear waters host beautiful beaches, historical landmarks, and striking coastal features – making this an ideal sailing destination for both newcomers and experienced sailors alike.

When renting a boat in Malta, it’s essential to select an appropriate vessel. Your options depend on your preferences and group size – catamarans offer stability, while motorboats provide speed. Be mindful of weather conditions before making your reservation as early as possible for optimal sailing experiences.

Malta offers ideal boat rental conditions during its shoulder months when temperatures are warm but not unbearably hot. This allows tourists to avoid tourist crowds while still taking in its spectacular seaside scenery. If adrenaline-seekers want something different, perhaps they should opt for a trip during hotter months for maximum thrills on high-speed boats.

Prior to booking a boat, it is advisable to inspect its safety regulations and equipment – you can find this by visiting its website or Facebook page – as well as asking the boat representative any pertinent questions that arise.


Malta is a breathtaking archipelago of islands known for its crystal-clear waters, hidden coves, and stunning beaches. Sailing around these incredible islands is a popular pastime, making boat rentals from Click & Boat the ideal way to discover them at your own pace. Choose from yachts, motorboats, or catamarans available—there is sure to be one perfect for your sailing adventure.

The price of a Malta boat rental varies depending on the type and duration of the rental; on average, expect to pay approximately $600/day for sailboat or yacht rentals and $525/day for RIB/gulet rentals. Additional fees may apply for exceptional amenities or services.

Sailing Malta is an enjoyable activity for visitors of all ages. With its mild Mediterranean climate and year-round boating enthusiasts, sailing here offers unparalleled adventures. However, for maximum sailing pleasure, the high season runs between June and September when weather conditions provide ideal sailing conditions.

If you prefer a less tourist-filled experience, renting a boat between May and October could be perfect for you in Malta. Temperatures remain warm, providing for an uncrowded sailing experience without too many tourists around you.