The Ceres Unified School District Calendar


The CRES Unified School District calendar is a data-driven system that sets significant milestone dates for schools, including start and end dates of classes, holidays, and professional development days.

CUSD will be hosting its free annual flu vaccine clinic today from 1:00-5 00 in the Argus/Endeavor Multiuse Room located at 2503 Lawrence St.

First day of school

The first day of school marks an exciting and monumental occasion for students, parents, and educators. It provides an excellent opportunity to think ahead to what may await us during this academic year – starting from its outline through holidays, teacher workdays, and testing periods. Ceres’ Unified School District Calendar can be an indispensable asset when planning the academic year – including essential information about school holidays, teacher workdays, and testing periods – providing necessary details.

Ceres Unified School District in central California provides its students with an exceptional education. Through dual-language immersion programs and career technical education opportunities, it prepares its pupils for success in a global society. Furthermore, it fosters strong community ties by strengthening relations between families and local businesses.

Staying aware of school holiday dates allows you to plan accordingly for birthday parties or other activities planned around these dates; additionally, this helps avoid scheduling conflicts that could interfere with your child’s classes.

Visitors to the Ceres Unified School District Calendar website can locate their first day of school by consulting their website, which lists monthly dates as well as professional development days and other helpful details. In addition, downloadable copies are also available so that they may be used offline.

Ceres Unified School District does not discriminate based on race, color, national origin, ancestry, religion, gender, sexual orientation, disability, parental or marital status, or any other basis. They strive to ensure equal, fair, and meaningful access to employment and educational services by adhering to federal and state nondiscrimination laws; leading providers of bilingual education, as well as career technical education, are offered here, along with extracurricular and family programs designed to meet the diverse student population’s needs.

Last day of school

The last day of school marks a significant milestone for both students and parents alike, providing an opportunity to reflect upon past achievements while planning for future endeavors. Furthermore, families can gather with friends to celebrate together while students get some much-deserved downtime before summer vacation.

Ceres Unified School District in California’s Central Valley is committed to providing quality education for its diverse student population. They offer academic programs and services like free meals and after-school care for every child in attendance and safe learning environments with top-quality instruction for over 14,000 pupils enrolled within their district.

CUSD’s calendar features holidays and breaks designed to give students, teachers, and staff time for relaxation and revitalization. While the CUSD calendar observes traditional holidays such as Thanksgiving and Christmas, other cultural or religious holidays are observed as well.

The district operates 24 public schools serving 14,137 students with a student/teacher ratio of 23:1. Most of its students are Hispanic, followed by White and Asian; its average math and reading proficiency scores fall below state norms and are lower than the state average. Niche ranks the district among its bottom half. Place utilizes data-driven research to rank nearly 100,000 schools and communities nationwide.


The Ceres Unified School District Calendar offers students, parents, and staff an inclusive calendar of holidays and breaks during each academic year. This enables families to plan vacations and appointments around their children’s school schedule while giving teachers and administrators time to focus on professional development and curriculum planning. As well as celebrating national holidays such as Thanksgiving or Christmas Day, extended breaks throughout the year provide students and staff time to recharge and refresh.

The school calendar includes national holidays such as Labor Day, Veterans Day, Martin Luther King Jr. Day, and Presidents’ Day, as well as religious and cultural holidays such as Eid al Fitr. Additionally, religious celebrations and cultural holidays give students an opportunity to understand the values and principles of different traditions. Thanksgiving break, winter break, and spring break provide students and staff a gap that allows them to spend quality time with family members or pursue personal passions.

Ceres Unified School District is one of California’s largest school districts, serving an eclectic student body in California’s Central Valley region. Their programs range from dual-language immersion to career technical education, allowing students to build bilingualism while exploring various career options. Alongside offering top-quality instruction, Ceres is also widely respected for its cultural diversity and extensive extracurricular offerings.

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Professional development days

An effective school calendar is an indispensable resource for students, teachers, and parents. It outlines critical dates such as holidays and breaks, professional development days, and testing periods so families can plan vacations around their child’s school schedule and plan activities around its demands. Teachers also use it as an aid when planning lessons and other activities – it helps teachers identify areas in which their teaching skills need improvement and can even remember where modification may be required in terms of time management or lesson delivery.

Ceres Unified School District (CUSD) is a public school district situated in central California that provides various programs tailored to its diverse student population – dual language immersion, career technical education, and regional occupational programs. Furthermore, CUSD prides itself on promoting diversity and cultural competence within its ranks.

District staff and students recognize the value of rest as essential to academic achievement, so various holidays and breaks throughout the year provide students and staff a chance to recharge their batteries – including traditional festivities like Thanksgiving and Christmas as well as non-traditional celebrations such as Martin Luther King Jr. Day or Presidents’ Day.

The CUSD does not discriminate in employment educational practices or activities on any basis related to race, color, national origin, ancestry, age, religion, gender, or disability and adheres to all federal and state anti-discrimination laws.

Testing periods

The Ceres Unified School District calendar plays an instrumental role in providing an organized academic year for students, teachers, and parents alike. It details dates such as start and end dates of school years, holidays, and breaks; information regarding testing periods; staff development days as well as testing periods & testing days to help families plan vacations or appointments around school schedules.

The CUSD calendar serves to inform students, parents, and community members about upcoming events that could impact them – such as Board of Education meetings, back-to-school nights, or school awards ceremonies. Parents and students can sign up to get notifications regarding future events via the district website.

CUSD hosts annual immunization clinics for its enrolled students and their family members at the Argus/Endeavor Multiuse Room on 2503 Lawrence Street in Ceres. These free clinics require you to bring a copy of your child’s immunization record with them for registration.

CUSD provides students, teachers, and families a chance to relax during breaks throughout the year and commemorate various cultural and national events with family. Holidays are also critical in maintaining student health while creating a positive learning environment. Our calendar has been thoughtfully planned so as to meet all student and staff needs while offering comprehensive educational experiences; CUSD also provides programs such as dual language immersion and career technical education to enhance students’ cultural competence for global societies.