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Marblehead Festival of the Arts 1985

Marblehead, Massachusetts, has long been known for its artistic expression; its picturesque landscape has inspired paintings and movies alike. Each July 4th is dedicated to hosting the Marblehead Festival of the Arts, but other events throughout the year, such as the fall artisans marketplace and winter film festival, are held as well.

The YMCA Corporate Cup 5K run in New Orleans provided local businesses an opportunity to join together and support a good cause by raising funds for the YMCA Educational Services program. It provided locals an excellent way to come together in support of something worthwhile!

YMCA Corporate Cup 5K Run New Orleans 1985

The YMCA Corporate Cup 5k race takes place every December in City Park in New Orleans and serves as a run/walk competition between businesses that compete to raise funds for YMCA Educational Services (YES) adult literacy programs. All proceeds benefit this primary fundraiser of the program that helps provide literacy programs to low-level readers in our community and improve their lives – with this 100% cotton t-shirt worn to celebrate this race day event!

YMCA Educational Services

YMCA Educational Services (YES), the adult education and workforce development branch of the YMCA of Greater New Orleans, offers non-traditional classroom instruction in reading, writing, mathematics, computer literacy skills, and job skills for adults who cannot or do not wish to pursue traditional postsecondary training. Furthermore, life-long learners gain the tools they need to function more efficiently both personally and at work while helping children with schoolwork as well as becoming engaged citizens themselves. Established over four decades ago, it remains one of the oldest community-based adult education programs nationwide!

The YMCA, commonly referred to as the ‘Y’ for short, is an international nonprofit dedicated to cultivating physical, mental, and social well-being through various programs and initiatives. Additionally, the Y provides services and assistance for those in need during times of crisis, such as child care for essential workers or emergency food assistance for kids and families in crisis, virtual learning spaces for safe virtual learning environments, or outreach to isolated seniors – the Y is there when needed!

George Williams founded the first YMCA during the Industrial Revolution-era London as a Christian lay movement to foster high standards of character through group activities. Soon after that, its concept spread globally – there were clubs established across Australia, the US, and most other countries by the century’s end.

Time passed, and the Y widened its mission beyond health and fitness to include social problem-solving. They also promote biblical principles while emphasizing treating others the way you would wish to be treated yourself while respecting their worth and accepting responsibility for all their actions.

Y members must serve their local communities and work tirelessly to be present in every neighborhood. In addition, the Y is involved with helping individuals overcome issues like homelessness and substance abuse while its programs give children self-esteem training that will equip them against negative peer pressure or making bad choices later on in life.

The Y is an interfaith organization and has worked to address numerous global issues, such as poverty, war, and peace. They have led anti-apartheid campaigns and advocated for gender equality at work. In 1998, the 14th World Council adopted “Challenge 21”, which placed more emphasis on international crises while giving each Y autonomy in prioritizing specific challenges depending on its local circumstances.