Trey Makai Phone Number


Trey Makai is an influential American TikTok star, YouTuber, social media influencer, and Instagram star with millions of followers across his accounts. Additionally, he’s a singer/actor.

He started his TikTok content career in 2020 and quickly gained millions of fans through dance videos and lip-sync videos that are popular with teenagers.


Trey Makai is a TikTok content creator and dancer who has quickly amassed millions of followers on both TikTok and Instagram since 2020. Since then, he has posted dance videos, outfit photos, vlogs, dancing tutorials, and dancing lessons as well as dance tutorials – amassing over 3.5 million fans on TikTok alone while his YouTube channel has amassed 1 million subscribers, signed by Next Step Talent with an extensive social media following – plus has over one million subscribed subscribers on both platforms alone!

TikTok star Lauren has recently collaborated with other famous social media stars such as Chelsea Lascher. With engaging content and unique style that have won him fans from around the globe, Lauren has amassed an engaged following worldwide. Additionally, Lauren can be found sharing photos and content via other platforms such as Instagram and Twitter – where his following can view it all first-hand!

Makai is not only known for his dancing abilities; he’s also an accomplished actor and singer with over 500k Instagram followers who love following his hilarious and charming personality on social media. Fans love following Makai’s posts and sharing them with their social networks!

TikTok, an online video-sharing and social networking service that has quickly gained enormous popularity in the US, allows users to upload and view videos while also engaging in conversations via comments with other users. It features live broadcasting as well as analytics – both available on desktop computers as well as mobile devices – while its app is accessible to download.

Makai offers autograph signing services. Send a request along with photos/posters/self-addressed envelopes/self-addressed stamp envelopes (international mail only), stamps, or postage. Wait three months for a reply while ensuring compliance with local laws before mailing.

Social media star

Trey Makai has amassed an extensive following across both TikTok and Instagram platforms with his videos featuring him dancing and lip-syncing, often engaging his viewers by live-streaming popular English songs he is lip-syncing along to. Furthermore, Trey posts lifestyle content via his Instagram account.

Makai was born and raised in Salt Lake City, Utah, in a stable Christian household. Beginning his dance video postings on TikTok in 2020, his popularity quickly skyrocketed, garnering him widespread acclaim and fame as well as amassing an incredible Instagram following of over 280,000.

Though still young, he has already made a mark for himself in the social media world and looks set for an impressive future. His success stands as proof of hard work and determination – not only is he adept in dancing and social media skills, but he is an outstanding student with a keen interest in computers!

Makai stands out from most TikTok celebrities by not accepting endorsements from products or services; instead, he makes his living through online content alone and makes money via advertisements on various social networks. This allows him to maintain his authenticity without being affected by outside opinions; moreover, he remains mindful of not posting anything controversial online.

If you want to reach Makai, his official website provides both an email address and phone number. Fan mail allows fans to request autographs; include a photo/poster as well as a self-addressed envelope stamped correctly with correct postage. Typically, it will take three months for Makai to respond to fan mail requests.

Makai recently uploaded his latest video featuring him dancing to Giveon’s “Heartbreak Anniversary,” and it has garnered over one million views on both YouTube and TikTok – with both expected to go over 1 million within weeks. Managed by Next Step Talent and frequently working alongside other notable social media personalities, his Twitch channel allows live sessions broadcast live sessions or broadcasts of him. Makai brings humor into every performance while always looking for ways to connect with fans.

Net worth

Trey Makai, known for his popularity on TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram, as well as his dance skills, began his entertainment industry career in the late 2010s and has amassed an incredible social media following ever since – leading to increased recognition and increasing his net worth immensely.

His success as a dancer has garnered him many endorsements and brand deals, garnering over 500 million combined views across YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok. He has collaborated with other TikTok stars, including Zack Lugo, Jenny Roselie, Jean-Victor Mackie, and Ana Sobonja, in addition to maintaining his own self-titled YouTube channel where he uploads dance, vlog, and prank videos.

He is known for his charming, boy-next-door personality that has propelled him to success online. His talent and good looks have established him as a widespread presence on social media. With so much potential ahead of him in his career path, his future looks bright.

Makai was born August 21st, 2008, in Salt Lake City, Utah, United States, to two entrepreneurial parents who raised him with his siblings in Salt Lake City. As an American national with Leo as his zodiac sign, he holds dual nationality status.

His family is highly supportive of his efforts. He has two siblings and enjoys spending time with both. Additionally, he enjoys traveling and regularly shares his travel adventures on social media platforms such as Twitter.

He is a dedicated worker who believes in working towards his goals. A very humble individual, he takes great joy in helping out when possible while taking pride in his work and continually working to improve it.

Trey is a highly active social media user, regularly updating his content on Instagram and making appearances in television shows and events. With his witty comments, he is adept at making people laugh!

Though he is an up-and-coming star, his journey has not been without its share of obstacles and setbacks – all of which were eventually overcome with hard work and dedication.