Spa Tour Part 5 Escape From Tarkov Guide


Spa Tour Part 5 in Escape from Tarkov is a quest that requires traveling to Shoreline’s Health Resort, finding its bunker, and extracting the key from it before returning it to Peacekeeper.

Shoreline can be an unforgiving environment, and this guide will help you overcome all obstacles on your way to delivering Peacekeeper the key.

Find the Key

Spa Tour Part 5 of Escape from Tarkov is one of its more challenging quests, assigned by Peacekeeper and requiring players to travel to Shoreline and find its northern-most bunker before extracting a key from inside, returning it safely, and then giving the key back. In order to accomplish this mission, players need to have an in-depth knowledge of Shoreline and its critical locations within it. To be successful at this quest, players need to have an excellent grasp of both its map and critical areas within Shoreline.

This guide is designed to make finding the key easier by offering a step-by-step walkthrough on how to reach the bunker, including tips on how to defeat Scavs and safely leave. It should serve as an essential read for anyone attempting to complete this quest efficiently.

Kill the Scavs

Once you have demonstrated to Peacekeeper your ability to conduct more complex search-and-find tasks successfully, he will ask you to visit a health resort on Shoreline. Unfortunately, however, the place is infested with Scavs! He wants you to kill some and force them out.

Escape from Tarkov players are known to kill other players at times. Although not as frequent as in other games, players will sometimes pick a zone on the map they know will be full of PMCs and target that area with their weapons until it’s safe. While this can be very upsetting for Scavs players who respect one another, as Scavs should never hurt each other directly, eventually, players may come around to accepting this as part of life in this virtual universe.

Players often employ another means of eliminating Scavs: killing them outright. This tactic is especially prevalent in areas filled with PMCs, such as Customs or Dormitories, where there may be too many PMCs for one player to handle safely. They will sometimes use voice chat to warn other players not to shoot them as Scavs; it is an efficient strategy as it won’t affect PMC karma (although it will alter fence earnings), and they may kill multiple individuals at the same time without their counterpart noticing.

This method may not be as efficient, however, since the quest requires killing 15 Scavs with one type of weapon at an increased distance than usual – meaning buckshot and slug performance remains inconsistent and could prove frustrating for players. If you would like to give this approach a go, be sure that you use an AKM series weapon equipped with a scope that should provide enough accuracy to quickly dispatch Scavs at this range with any degree of regularity. If not, be warned of an extended grinding task due to difficulty hitting targets at these distances successfully despite regular success from their marks at this range!

Return the Key

No matter your experience level in Escape from Tarkov, this task part 5 guide can help guide you through the Peacekeeper’s Spa Tour relatively effortlessly. Although this challenging Shoreline-based task can test both skill and cunning, with proper knowledge at your disposal, it should become part of your game strategy and ultimately be completed successfully.

To complete this quest, head to the bunker at the northern end of Shoreline and retrieve its key from inside. After this is accomplished, return it to its owner – once this task has been completed, the Sanatorium will reopen, and your quest will have been successfully fulfilled – further details on this can be found in the Escape From Tarkov guide.