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Pop-rock music combines elements of rock with softer styles for an upbeat, fun experience. Popularized during the 1950s and characterized by a positive nature.

Musical virtuoso Blackbear has released his energetic new record, “In Loving Memory.” This record pays homage to the alternative, rock, and punk influences that inspired him when he was growing up.


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Tickets to In Loving Memory shows can range in price depending on the length of the tour, the capacity of the venue, and whether or not you opt for floor or front-row seating. VIP tickets may also be available, while meet and greet tickets allow fans to interact closely with the band as they take pictures with them!

This show ran for 36 episodes and one Christmas particular, written and produced by Dick Sharples, featuring Edward Chapman as an undertaker, Marjorie Rhodes as wife Ivy, Christopher “Upstairs Downstairs” Beeny as accident-prone nephew Billy, Christopher ‘Upstairs, Downstairs” Beeny as billy’s uncle (with whom Edward Chapman shared an office), Christopher ‘Upstairs Downstairs” Beeny as Billly (her accident prone nephew), Christopher “Upstairs Downstairs,” as Christopher ‘Upstairs Downstairs” Beeny was involved. His theme tune will have you smiling before any episode has even started!

In Loving Memory is a favorite among 2023 rock fans. They offer an unconventional sound that has set them apart in the industry; each song from In Loving Memory contains powerful vocals and an array of instruments. Their performances are engaging and energetic – an absolute must-see event for music enthusiasts!

Everything Means Nothing was their last release and featured an eclectic blend of genres and styles that pay homage to their roots in emo pop. This album proved to be one of the highlights of 2020, featuring heavy riffs like in Poltergeist, as well as an energetic spirit sure to win over new listeners.

In loving memory, they have announced their 2018 tour, and you can experience them live by purchasing VIP tickets. These packages include meet and greet with band members, access to backstage areas, and exclusive merchandise – at up to $375; they represent an investment well worth making!


Blackbear’s last album ‘Everything Means Nothing’ was one of the highlights of 2020 pop music, featuring an amalgam of genres. He’s back with another energetic record entitled ‘In Loving Memory’ that takes more of a pop-punk sound thanks to legendary drummer Travis Barker.

This album starts strong with the rock song ‘The Oaf,’ featuring heavy guitar and bass lines. Additionally, quiet songs such as ‘That Song’ and ‘Under the Lighthouse’ add depth and atmosphere.

“Poltergeist” is where this album truly shines, showing off an edgier side of Blackbear with a heavy sound that leaves fans feeling every emotion they might be experiencing. This track shows fans that Blackbear can still rock out without going all-out like his former emo/alternative style.

Dates for the In Loving Memory Tour will soon be released, with tickets going on sale 4-6 months prior to each performance. Sign up for a free Bandsintown account to stay informed about concerts in your area so that you never miss a beat!


The band will be touring to promote their latest album, In Loving Memory. This tour marks their first headlining run since 2019 and will include special guests MOD SUN, State Champs, and Waterparks. In Loving Memory features genre-spanning tracks sure to please fans of all ages; their tour is an invaluable opportunity to witness their talent first-hand!

Des Moines-based band In Loving Memory Of, best known for their hardcore performances with intense energy and emotional performances, have just released their sophomore record In Loving Memory Of. It is a dark and moody album that blends multiple styles of music. Some slower songs lean heavier, but even these contain plenty of atmosphere – In Loving Memory Of is a compelling album that deserves to be experienced live!

Bones, Xavier Wulf, and Eddy Baker have been working together as the Seshollowaterboyz for nearly ten years, contributing their skills and collaborations on numerous projects while becoming prominent figures of the SoundCloud rap scene. The recently released album is an eclectic blend of screamo, rock, and trap with a distinctive dual vocal approach.

This album is an energetic celebration of life’s past, present, and future. Pulsing beats and upbeat melodies amplify themes such as addiction and loss; its sound recalls pop-punk but also draws from early 2000s emo/punk influences.

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Tickets will be available both online and at selected box offices, with ticket prices depending on date and venue, proximity to the stage, and how close to it they sit – fees typically range from under $50 for premium seats to over $150 per ticket for general seating. Tickets usually go on sale 4-6 months in advance of each performance but can sell out quickly.


If you want to catch In Loving Memory live in concert, act quickly! Tickets typically go on sale 4-6 months prior to performances and can sell out quickly. Alternatively, you could buy them on the secondary market within 24-48 hours after the tour announcement, though this may not be ideal if you want closed seats near the stage or specific seating arrangements in mind.

From 1998 to 2001, In Loving Memory became known for its high-energy, emotional performances. Now, back with their original lineup and with brand new music and exciting performances under their belts – don’t miss this unforgettable tour!

In Loving Memory is an American screamo band from Des Moines, Iowa, that rose to prominence during their tenure on the Midwest hardcore scene with their high energy and emotional performances that became fan favorites. After they disbanded in 2001, members went on to form other influential screamo bands such as Rue Morgue and Dispensing of False Halos – though In Loving Memory released A Gentler Sun as its latest album release for fans to experience them all over again!

The In Loving Memory tour will feature special guests such as Blackbear and State Champs. Fans can experience two of the hottest acts in their genre together at once! Both bands’ latest releases contain elements from emo pop, rock, and post-hardcore genres, making this tour sure to deliver an incredible show.

This show will showcase songs from In Loving Memory’s back catalog as well as newer material. They may also perform some covers. Please wear comfortable shoes and bring water if you will be standing for long. Songkick can help track In Loving Memory concerts near you to keep an eye out for when they play!