The Best Boba Tea Company in the World


Boba tea has grown increasingly popular due to its playful, engaging character. Bobbing has various flavors and ingredients that appeal to younger demographics; examples include CoCo Taro Root Milk Tea from Gong Cha and their popping Boba offering. Find out the best info about Beary Boba.

Boba requires less preparation time, making it an attractive alternative for modern lifestyles with busy schedules.

Miss Du’s Tea

Miss Du’s Tea in New York City is an undiscovered gem offering an array of teas and bubble drinks made using premium ingredients, with staff always ready to recommend recommendations based on each customer’s taste preferences. Special combo packages with glass, rice balls, and side dish options are available as well. Popular drinks here include coconut taro milk with boba or strawberry Four Seasons milk tea!

New York’s boba scene continues to expand rapidly, with both international chains and mom-and-pop shops popping up across the city. With so many choices available to you when it comes to getting your bubble tea fix, deciding where to go can be difficult, but worry no longer. Here is our comprehensive list of NYC boba spots sure to satisfy all of your bubble tea cravings!

Miss Du’s Tea Shop opened its doors on historic Pell Street in 2021. Owned and run by Cynthia Wang of Shenyang, China – originally named Miss Du after her mother, “Miss Du.” Miss Du specializes in fruit and bubble milk teas that are low in both sugar and calories; its signature dishes include hand-hit lemon red dragon fruit teas as well as black grape Yakult.

Miss Du’s Tea is an essential stop for anyone who appreciates bubble tea. Their cozy atmosphere and friendly staff offer the ideal setting to unwind with friends over drinks – as well as providing an energy boost during a stressful workday! Their selection of bubble teas and iced beverages ensures there is something suitable to meet every palate here.

Mathew Wong’s Boba Shop

While other bubble tea places use prepackaged powdered tea and milk mixes, the owners of this Brooklyn-based franchise prepare their drinks from scratch. They aim to offer healthier beverages while appealing to a broader range of customers; additionally, they take their products out to flea markets and festivals for promotional purposes.

Mathew Wong, co-owner of Tea and Milk in Astoria and Manhattan, credits their success to using natural ingredients in their drinks as well as creating an inclusive culture that welcomes all. “We wanted to bring something different to the city,” says Mathew, adding that his business will be featured among various bubble tea vendors at Pearl River Mart Foods. Having frequented this store since he was young made this an incredible opportunity for them.

Boba quickly became a significant trend in New York City’s restaurant scene a few years ago. Many Taiwanese brands opened their first American stores; one such chain, Xing Fu Tang (famous for its brown sugar boba), has even opened two flagship locations just in Manhattan alone!

Independent boba shops often have some of the most creative drinks on offer. Grandlife, run by second-generation Chinese American siblings and known for its Pacific Lemonade (butterfly pea flower tea with lemonade and popping boba), and Shattered Mango (mango slushie topped with mango jellies and popping boba) are two signature examples.

Seattle is home to several newer boba chains catering to the increasing demand for these delectable treats. Tea Addicts in Capitol Hill specializes in crafting their signature blends from scratch and offers toppings like caramel-y brulee milk tea; others, like 20 Oz Tea in Chinatown and Drip Tea on Capitol Hill, are known for creative combinations and beautifully layered drinks; then there’s Raccoon Cave: an all-vegan spot offering drinks through a furry stuffed animal’s mouth while featuring gray walls and floors meant to replicate rocks found inside an underground cave environment; all dishes including flavor puddings and tapioca pearls are vegan too.

Boba Guys

Andrew Chau and Bin Chen, co-founders of the Boba Guys tea chain, set out to reimagine the already popular Bay Area milk teas, fruit juices, and other drinks with chewy tapioca pearls from Taiwan laced into them. They wanted their drinks to be more artisanal and sustainable by using fewer powders while using quality ingredients sourced globally instead. Furthermore, they wanted their kitchen open so customers could witness how their drinks are created first-hand.

This approach helped them become a cult brand; their Mission District store’s lineup was literally out the door, and Instagram influencers became fans. Now, with multiple locations throughout the Bay Area and other cities, their brand remains iconic.

Though victorious, the company has come under scrutiny for its workplace culture and practices. Employees claim the management is abusive, making demeaning remarks while judging staff members’ work performance. Some have accused it of treating its workers like second-class citizens while promoting an overly masculine image.

In an effort to address these issues, the company implemented a “feedback loop” for employees to voice their complaints anonymously; however, many former employees claim this was ineffective because it allowed direct feedback to co-founders without providing anonymity; complaints would go directly to them with no responses ever being offered in return.

Employees also complain of difficulty accessing assistance when issues arise, while not having an HR department makes this more challenging. Furthermore, many social media platforms used by the company make keeping up with policy updates complex, confusing the expectations of employees and what their responsibilities should be.

This company’s boba has earned them a loyal fan base, but not without issues. Recent accusations against them include using different techniques to recruit employees – which have been criticized by several individuals within the industry.

At Boba Guys, the Strawberry Matcha Latte is one of their most beloved drinks. A creamy, sweet beverage featuring an appealing combination of flavors that includes soft yet chewy boba with delicious sweetness to complement all other components in this refreshing beverage. Perfect for anyone who appreciates matcha or desires a flavorful drink!

Gong Cha

Gong Cha, which means tribute tea for the Emperor, is an iconic tea brand established in Taiwan in 2006. Since its launch, its global success can be attributed to its premium quality products and customized service; its mission is to uphold the human spirit by serving up delicious cups of tea to inspire happiness for each customer – over 1,800 stores can now be found around 20 countries!

Gong Cha’s international beverage franchise will soon be making an appearance in Guilderland this autumn, known for its fresh Boba Tea drinks and creative menu options. If you’re in need of something sweet to satisfy that sweet tooth craving, be sure to stop in – don’t miss their Brown Sugar Ginger Milk Tea either – don’t miss this treat!

Gong Cha first made its US debut in Flushing, Queens, in 2014 and has since expanded into New Jersey and Boston. Their success has helped spread bubble tea’s global phenomenon status, and at Gong Cha, you can customize your drink according to your tastes!

Tea offers an exciting array of flavors, toppings, and ingredients – you can even customize it according to temperature – perfect for people seeking healthier alternatives to coffee or soda! Not to mention, it makes a tasty and refreshing beverage perfect for children as well as adults!

Gong Cha hosted a global tea party to mark the opening of their 2000th store, beginning in New Zealand and concluding at their US headquarters in Boston, USA. Customers could take part in this promotion and receive one free Black Pearl Milk Tea when making any purchase at Gong Cha stores worldwide.

Gong Cha’s teas are handcrafted with only premium ingredients and expertly brewed for four hours at a time using high-quality equipment. Furthermore, their tapioca pearls are freshly prepared in-store daily, ensuring a delicious experience every time they visit! These distinctive qualities set Gong Cha apart from other boba tea brands.

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